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Contract and BillingContract and Billing

Contract and Billing - LFS.cnb
The high-performance contract management and billing solution.

How can I bring more transparency and flexibility into my contract management processes and agreed logistics services? How can I ensure that all of the services provided are billed on time? The all-in-one solution Contract and Billing LFS.cnb offers a comprehensive, integrated contract and billing management solution with powerful tools for all relevant work and process steps in logistics. The range of services in CnB covers contract management, service registration and automated billing.

Benefits at a Glance.

  • Cloud-based and mobile
  • Automated processes
  • Standardized interfaces
  • Service catalogs
  • Contract generation
  • Invoicing (billing)
Your benefits at a glance.

LFS.cnb: Extensive service catalogs, automated processes.

  • Cloud-based and mobile - all-in-one solution for all commercial billing processes in logistics, certified according to IDW PS 880.
  • Automated processes - automated recording, assignment and billing of all services provided in one system
  • Extensive service catalogs - management of standard services catalogs which can be customized.
  • Flexible contract generation - generation of individual customer and supplier contracts in almost any level of detail.
  • Simple integration - standardized interfaces for use with any external accounting and/or ERP systems.

LFS.cnb - Your all-in-one solution for digital contract and billing management.

LFS.cnb offers on one hand a sophisticated fee and service invoicing solution. On the other hand, it supports the drafting and administration of any kind of contract.

The streamlined, integrated solution featuring powerful tools for all commercial processing steps. Starting with a comprehensive software module for managing general tariff and charge lists, an individual agreement with certain customers can be mapped and maintained. This includes the flexible definition of various price-influencing parameters. The underlying contract management module allows the design of contracts of any level of detail. Even specific agreements can be prepared, including any desired price adaptations. All contracts are stored electronically and can be printed on customized templates.

Complete contract management

You can create contracts by entering all the essential key information, services and fees. Manually specified discounts or additional charges can be inserted at any time to facilitate the automatic price calculation. Self-defined standard service packages can be copied into your contracts with the simple click of a mouse. All contracts are stored and managed electronically, and can be printed on self-defined templates.

Highly-flexible service registration

CnB allows you to manage service catalogues for services in intralogistics and transport logistics. Based on these flexible service catalogues, the contract management module supports the generation of individual customer and supplier contracts in almost any level of detail. You can manage, for example, logistics transports, value-added services, pallet hire, transport costs and toll fees.

Automated billing

The accounting rules defined in the contracts are based on a powerful calculation formula library in CnB. This enables an efficient and highly-flexible, automatic price calculation and individual billing. CnB supports automated invoice cycles and invoice generation. Generated invoice documents can be printed and automatically sent to the customer by email. Various e-invoicing standards are supported by the system if required.

Get even more from LFS.cnb.

The compatibility of LFS.cnb with the International Shipping System LFS.iss unleashes new possibilities in automatic accounting verification for the intralogistics and transport logistics sectors. LFS.cnb also supports the further processing of services documented in the Recording of Logistical Services Accounting Data module.

Invoice verification

A whole range of synergies arise when LFS.cnb is used in conjunction with the cloud-based International Shipping System LFS.iss. The verification of freight forwarder invoices, for example, has never been easier, thanks to the automatic transmission of shipping information and services from LFS.iss. This is because the system continually learns, with the successive addition of price models furnished by forwarding agents and CEP service providers and enables the use of interfaces for the receipt of invoicing (billing) data sent by freight forwarders. Where invoicing interfaces already exist, an automatic comparison with reference invoices is carried out right down to line level. The connection of LFS.iss affords LFS.cnb unprecedented efficiency in invoice verification – offering a real competitive advantage.

Service recording

LFS.cnb also enables the administration of fundamental service catalogues for services performed in the intralogistics and transport logistics sectors, carrying out all the accounting tasks of the LogDL module used for contract management. Working on the basis of flexible service catalogues, LFS.cnb supports the preparation of individual customer and supplier contracts with almost any level of detail, and also enables the management of billable services such as logistical transport, Value Added Services (VAS), pallet rental, transport costs and toll fees.

Efficient and highly flexible billing solution

The resulting great variety of billing rules and procedures are represented in the system by a powerful calculation rule library, which is the core of LFS.cnb automated, efficient and highly flexible calculation and invoicing engine. The run of individual billing events can be triggered by, either event, customer or time stamp. The resulting invoices are available for printing or distribution by E-Mail Optionally the system supports various E-Invoicing standards. An automatic interface to ERP or accounting systems (i.e. SAP, Oracle Finance, Microsoft NA-Vision). Last but not least a direct billing of credit card and cash-paying customers can be part of the system scope.


full contract management

Coverage of all contract-relevant processes, from the administration of the catalogue of services and prices to the creation thereof


multi station capability

Any number of stations are able to work online with the centrally-managed software. The software also supports different currencies and tax regulations


flexible invoicing (billing)

Invoices can be generated within the scope of freely configurable invoicing procedures and dispatched in a variety of paper-based and electronic formats

Learn more about our solution.

All-in-one solution for billing and contract management.