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Aeronautical Billing

Efficient billing for airports

For all airport requirements:
Billing management with AIRPORT.

Whether airport fees, charges for take-off and landing, security and parking fees on the apron or other services, billing management with EPG's AIRPORT is specially designed to meet the requirements of airports and separate airport departments. Whether private or business, the system automatically determines the fees for the airport operator using the defined fee schedule for using the airport and includes all the additional services that have been provided too. These include all standard charges, as well as price adjustments, such as surcharges for night flights and flights on public holidays. AIRPORT also differentiates between aircraft types based on the stored master data, automatically using the data to calculate the correct costs. Would you like to take a look at our system? We would be happy to help!

The advantages at a glance.

  • Interface to the integrated flight planning software or AODB
  • Precisely aligned to the requirements of small and private airport
  • Seamless recording and billing of services - nothing is forgotten
  • Digital invoice creation delivery, and verification by the airline or private customer
  • Billing according to all known standards, such as IATA-SIS and DTAUS
  • Integrated cash payment handling with cash register function
  • Interfaces to all common financial accounting systems (e.g. Oracle Finance and SAP)
  • Invoicing and invoice checking by the customer on the Airline Web Portal
  • Certified according to IDW PS880
Airport Billing System

Get an insight into live-system

Reduce complexity in billing management.

Calculating airport fees is a complex task, and billing them correctly is too. Every step requires care to avoid missing anything. The process up to billing starts with defining a public price list with all the fees and prices. The list also includes surcharges and discounts for night flights and flights on public holidays and the various types of aircraft. Once the service has been provided, the charges for the completed flights are then calculated using the actual flight data. Even services that have not been agreed in advance can be easily recorded and billed on top. The invoice is then automatically forwarded to the airline or customer for checking.


Complete package for airport operators.

AIRPORT is the complete integrated solution with powerful tools for all steps from contract creation to billing airlines and private customers. Using the actual flight data, AIRPORT automatically determines the charges to be calculated. The solution gets information, for example, from the integrated flight planning software or the connected AODB, then the billing module calculates all the fees in full after the service has been provided, generating a digital invoice document.

Benefit from:

  • Automatic billing management of all billable airport fees and services
  • Flexible price adjustment for all services
  • A contract management module to create individual contracts with airline customers at the required level of detail
  • Digitalization of your contracts and your invoices
  • A cost-efficient complete solution for airport billing
  • Comprehensive reports and statistics based on reports
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