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Training Training

Always one logistical step ahead.

Get your warehouse staff in shape for the challenges, tasks, and requirements of logistics. Training your staff is particularly important when introducing new warehouse, software, or hardware systems to ensure successful application. With our personalized training courses, we are providing you with a tool that will ensure peace of mind. 


Getting in shape for practical applications.

EPG ACADEMY in Germany is one of a kind. Be it e-commerce, serial number handling, quality control, or value added services: no logistical topics exist that we cannot train you on in our training center in Boppard-Buchholz, Germany. Do you need general information on current industry trends, for example, or would you like to train yourself and your staff in a specific area, or learn the basics on the topic of warehouse management? Our multifaceted ACADEMY training plan helps LFS users and interested parties to apply themselves to a specific specialist topic, all in accordance with their needs and prior experience. We will design a custom training strategy.

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