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Logistics services Logistics services

As multifaceted as our industry:
Maximum flexibility for logistics service providers, thanks to LFS.

Logistics service providers need to be able to serve a whole host of customers who each have a wide range of requirements. To be successful in the marketplace, therefore, flexibility and customer focus are the most important criteria. All processes need to be synchronized – not only in the warehouse but also during transport on the road. In addition, outsourcing partners face new and constant logistical demands from trade and industry. Our EPG ONE™ warehouse management system (LFS) is designed as modules, multi-client ready, and offers a wide range of features. As a result, LFS provides the flexibility and reliability needed to gain a game-changing advantage in this highly competitive environment that is logistics services.


In-house warehouse management with LFS.

One comprehensive solution for individual needs.

Industry-specific features and functions at a glance.

Logistics services

  • Flexible adaptations to changing requirements
  • High transparency and central access to all connected sites
  • Gapless article management right up to the end customer
  • Platform independence
  • Multinational and corporate capacity
  • Available in 16 languages
  • Connection of various ERP systems via a certified interface
  • Independent connection of new clients

LFS includes a variety
of modules for logistics services.

  • Billing of logistics services
  • Shipment tracking – log trace
  • Multi-order picking
  • Value Added Services
  • Integrated shipping system: connection of CEP providers
  • Platform independence
  • Freight capacity calculation
  • Freight cost calculation
  • Yard-Management
In the spotlight.

Billing of logistics services.

Logistics service providers need to bill for their services in full and in a system-guided manner – as this is the only way to verify profitability for each individual customer. To achieve this, LFS offers a comprehensive range of options. Separated by client, the logistics software collects data on all movements within the warehouse, such as putaway/retrieval and picking processes, packing, reorganizing, value added services, and loading. For the purpose of monthly billing, our warehouse management software automatically analyzes the logistics services for each client and, based on the number of bin locations used, the LFS provides reliable performance data on a daily basis. The logistics services billing module also includes the printing of invoices as well as the calculation and issuance of storage rental fees. Thanks to our software solution, logistics service providers can maintain focus on their core Business.