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Our logistics solutions – applied live.

Below, we have compiled a few video clips for you. Watch our warehouse solutions live and in action, or find out more about Ehrhardt + Partner Group. True to the motto of “Creating a smarter logistics world,” we are showcasing best-practice projects, among others, and give you an insight into our organization.

Start-up Event

EPG Rocket Club

EPG Rocket Club Event
Warehouse Management by EPG.

Supply chain execution suite.

Warehouse Management Solutions by EPG.
State-of-the-art warehouse management with LFS

Schneider Electric in France, Sarre Union (Activate Youtube subtitles)

Warehouse Management System (LFS) in use at Schneider Electric's facility in Sarre Union
Video Case Study Fressnapf.

LFS Software Suite controls Fressnapf logistics.

LFS Software Suite controls Fressnapf logistics.
Video Case Study.

Dirk Rossmann GmbH (Germany, Wustermark).

Warehouse Management System LFS of the EPG in use at Rossmann.
Voice picking Video

Lydia Voice Teaser - Voice Picking Solution for Logistics by EPG

Lydia Voice Teaser - Voice Picking Solution for Logistics by EPG
The LFS Software Suite.

Simon Hegele (Germany, Raunheim).

Supply Chain Execution System LFS.

Seeberger GmbH (Germany, Ulm).

Lydia Voice.

Innovative voice picking solution Lydia for logistics and industry.

You can find more interesting videos here EPG YouTube channel