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International Shipping System

Multi-carrier shipping system from the cloud

EPG ONE™ International Shipping System (ISS):
the multi-carrier shipping system from the cloud.

How can shipping logistics be managed efficiently and centrally? Who guarantees with the abundance of KEP and dispatch service providers, that you always work with the current and compliant shipping labels? And what happens if you or your customer wants to change a KEP or forwarding service provider? The International Shipping System (ISS) will answer your questions quickly and easily. With the high-performance solution, you benefit from fully managed services and up to 24/7 support for your shipping logistics. Freely connectable to any host system (ERP, WMS, OMS, TMS, store system), ISS ensures the handling of shipping logistics - simply, efficiently and always according to the current specifications of over 250 different KEP and forwarding service providers. Get started now - put your shipping logistics in pole position!

With ISS to the pole position

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ISS - the turbo for your shipping.

  • All-round carefree package for shipping for wholesaler with Full Managed Services
  • significant reduction of operating costs through private cloud solution
  • Open Web API - compatible with any higher-level system (ERP, WMS, OMS, TMS, store system, etc.)
  • flexible selection of KEP and forwarding service providers.
  • more than 250+ carriers with 2000+ service codes - always up to date
  • Support in any situation with 24/7 support


Shipping from the cloud.

ISS is the stand-alone solution of EPG for more performance in shipping. And all of this at high performance and certainly from the cloud. The scope of services includes address validation and routing, the printing of the correct shipping labels according to the current service provider specifications and the completion of the shipment, including the handover of the consignment to the correct KEP / forwarding service provider.

ISS starts planning shipping shortly after receiving the order. Due to the complete Processintegration in LFS or every other WMS, the system receives all relevant information about the order from the higher-level system. From validated address data, a routing code is generated, which contains the destination and sender address data. Additional services, such as a delivery guarantee, are also recorded via the code. This significantly increases process efficiency even during the job compilation phase. The routing codes are then transferred to the host system for further processing.

After picking and packing the goods, ISS generates the shipping and returns label based on the routing information with a unique shipping unit number. Subsequently, a bar-coded shipping label is created with all relevant data such as address, weight, number of packages, routing code or shipping unit number - always considering the individual requirements of the respective KEP service provider. The integration of additional shipping methods and services is also quickly possible. Depending on the specifications of the respective carrier, additional individual service information can also be printed.

For shipment completion, ISS generates a parcel service-specific posting document. The system records all information relevant to the shipment, such as weight, dimensions or hazardous goods information. An automatic EDI mapping is then carried out by converting the shipping labels into the service provider's format. With the help of EDI and web services, all consignment data will then be exchanged electronically with the service provider. The shipper receives a manifest at the end - a compact and clear list of all packages in the shipment at a glance.


Full Managed Services of EPG.

The International Shipping System ISS is available from us with our Full-Managed Service package: The solution will be operated in our Private Cloud. Thus, customers benefit from maximum availability as well as a secure and high-performance system. In the framework of the service package, automatic updates ensure that ISS always meets the current requirements of the KEP and forwarding service providers. This includes, for example, the information on shipping labels, of the routing code, various number ranges and the latest functions according to current specifications. Further carriers can be connected quickly and easily. Depending on the scope of support, you can benefit from various service packages in Silver, Gold and Diamond as part of our Managed Services. So you stay flexible! You are welcome to contact us.

Three steps to greater shipping efficiency

Shipping solutions can greatly simplify everyday shipping logistics operations. They ensure the smooth running of many processes – from address validation through track-and-trace to returns management – thus contributing to recipient satisfaction and, at the same time, helping the sender to optimise their processes and increase efficiency. Learn more!

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Stand-alone solution for multi-carrier management.

With the International Shipping System you benefit from a stand-alone software for the processing of shipping. The system has an open cloud architecture with a flexible interface. This allows it to be connected to any WMS. And ISS also harmonises with your existing ERP system if required - whether SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle or others.

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Cloud-based shipping logistics.