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Automated tour planning with the
EPG ONE™ Transportation Management System (TMS)

Thanks to its dynamic tour planning capabilities, EPG’s transportation management system (TMS) offers the best possible support to companies facing complex supply chains in retail logistics and ensures optimal dispatching at the touch of a button – day in, day out.


The TMS’s fully automatic tour planning helps dispatchers complete their daily tour planning tasks. Via the EPG Scenario OptimizerTM, the complex algorithms can be adapted to meet users’ needs as they change, while also allowing them to keep track of everything at all times thanks to the intuitive interface. Tours are optimised in such a way to keep vehicle capacity utilisation as high as possible, while also saving time and money and ensuring top performance in terms of on-time deliveries.

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Benefits of the TMS transportation management system at a glance:

  • Fully automatic route calculation at the touch of a button
  • Flexible connection via interface to the EPG ONE Suite or third-party systems (e.g. TMS or ERP system)
  • Precise calculation of ETAs, factoring in traffic speeds for specific times of day and specific roads
  • Individual adjustment of the calculation model using the EPG Scenario Optimizer
  • Efficiency increases of up to 20% compared with standard solutions
  • Driver support via the EPG ONE Proof of Delivery App

Dynamic tour planning with overlapping regions

The fully dynamic planning approach, which is not dependent on geographical borders, allows you to efficiently utilise your fleet’s loading capacity. Delivery areas can therefore be optimised as a whole. Your advantages: Punctual deliveries, the shortest route in each case and the fully automatic assignment of orders to tours. For companies that don’t want to give up having fixed regions, we offer a solution that combines the best of both worlds. With overlapping regions, the advantages of having a clear division into postal code regions or national borders are combined with the benefits of dynamic planning, and the borders are extended in a sensible manner. The overlap with adjacent regions offers the optimum compromise between customer- and loading-dependent handling times as well as the ideal journey time.

Optimal route planning powered by the TMS algorithm

Fully automatic tour planning – each and every day

  • Complex delivery processes for store deliveries, pick-up assignments, reloading and multi-location handling can all be taken into account
  • The algorithm factors in traffic speeds for specific times of day and specific roads to determine the optimal route, together with the appropriate start time, at any given time
  • By planning stops and taking into account handling times, our solution ensures that drivers meet time slots (precise ETA planning)
  • Fully automatic tour planning at the touch of a button – dispatchers also have the ability to make adjustments

EPG Scenario Optimizer™

  • You can define the optimal route calculation yourself with the aid of weighted factors: Number of vehicles, distance (reducing CO² emissions), punctuality, working hours
  • The tool simplifies complex calculation models and enables individual adjustments to be made while drivers are already on the road
  • Multiple scenarios can be calculated for various depots simultaneously

The EPG Scenario Optimizer lets you adapt your tour planning to meet your current needs – completely hassle-free!


EPG ONE™ App - Proof of Delivery

Proof of Delivery (PoD) is one of many use cases you can benefit from using our EPG ONE™ app. PoD helps drivers keep on top of handling processes every step of the way. It includes dynamic and customisable workflows for handling tasks – from loading the goods and securing the load before departure to making the delivery and obtaining a signature and capturing photo documentation. All processes are digital and documented online, enabling direct feedback to be provided to dispatchers. Proof of Delivery ensures they’re always in the loop, giving them the ability to detect any delivery problems directly after driver confirmation.


greater cost efficiency

possible compared to standard solutions


capacity utilisation levels

can be achieved


punctuality rates

possible for your deliveries (ETA)


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