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Intelligent Routing

Discover optimisation potential in your route planning

Greenplan: Intelligent and sustainable route planning drive logistics of the future

What’s the best way to cut transport costs, especially at a time of rising energy prices? And how can I enhance route planning efficiency while at the same time reducing distances travelled, tours and vehicles and lowering CO2 emissions?

These may well be questions that you’ve been asking yourself. We have the answer: take your transport management capabilities to the next level with our unique and intelligent algorithm for automatic route calculation and planning. To deliver these optimisations we bank on Greenplan, one of the most powerful solutions in automated routed and scheduling. The technology can be used together with our TMS solution or as a stand-alone transportation management tool. It enables you to automatically calculate your routes at the touch of a button, avoid unnecessary tours, and reap the benefits of precise ETA calculations that factor in traffic speeds at specific times of day. Why waste unnecessary long time calculating routes? Take advantage of our intelligent solution and request a trial today!

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We calculate your optimization potential!

We are happy to calculate your savings potential. Find out more in a no-obligation consultation in which we take your desired focus into account.

International awards honour successful performance

1st Amazon Last Mile Challenge 2021

  • Prof. Dr. Stephan Held, one of the leaders behind the Greenplan algorithm, achieved first place in the Amazon Last Mile Challenge
  • He finished ahead of the second-placed Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) by a significant margin, with 42% better results
  • First place among 220 participants from 22 countries
  • Special prize of the Minister of Economic Affairs 2023: C02 reduction through innovative processes and products
  • Awarded by Daniela Schmitt, Minister of Economics of Rhineland-Palatinate
  • Awarded for the 35th time
  • Award winners are selected by an independent jury of representatives from industry, research and media
  • The award has established itself as one of the most coveted in the intralogistics industry
  • The award was presented for the 20th time

1st PostEurop Innovation Award 2020 

  • Greenplan received the award for its “overlapping regions” concept
  • The concept involves combining fixed and dynamic regions in route planning
  • Companies benefit from optimal journey times in combination with customer- and load-specific handling times

Econnections programme

  • Greenplan was one of seven scale-ups selected for the Econnections programme in 2022
  • The programme was initiated by seven companies, including the Netherlands postal service, and Deloitte
  • Its mission is to deliver 500 million e-commerce items more sustainably in the future

1st Place in the WSIS PRIZES Champion Project 2021

  • Greenplan clinched first place in the WSIS contest
  • Annual contest for ICT companies looking to drive sustainable development
  • Over 300,000 participants since the contest’s inception

Winner of the WSA-Germany 2023

  • Greenplan wins the WSA-Germany Award 2023
  • The WSA-Germany research-team gathered and selected the participants out of 183 German awards, “Best-of Lists”, innovation labs, universities, accelerators and digital hubs.
  • A total of 157 suitable solutions were chosen this year and participated in the WSA-Global Award.

greater route planning efficiency

possible compared to standard solutions


reduction of CO2 emissions

in the supply chain


punctuality rates

for your agreed delivery times (ETA)

Greenplan – the smartest way to plan your routes

  • Fully automatic route calculation at the touch of a button
  • Flexible connection via interface to the EPG ONE Suite or third-party systems (e.g. TMS or ERP system)
  • Precise calculation of ETAs, factoring in traffic speeds for specific times of day and specific roads
  • Individual adjustment of the calculation model using the EPG Scenario Optimizer
  • Efficiency increases of up to 20% compared with standard solutions
  • Driver support via the EPG ONE Proof of Delivery App

Unique route planning is taking traffic situation into account

Planning meets reality: Greenplan takes all time-of-day-dependent flow speeds into account during planning - this guarantees optimal planning of stops and adherence to the specified time windows. Driving times can vary per day due to ongoing traffic. The Greenplan algorithm calculates with travel times that are dependent on the time of day. To achieve this, it has realistic, historical data - at road section level and at 5-minute intervals, 288 times per day.

Fixed regions – Optimal processing times

Companies reliant on fixed regions in their route planning benefit from optimal handling times due to tours being divided into set areas. The advantage of this approach is that drivers know all the addresses, saving a great deal of time. The drawbacks, however, include much longer driving times due to longer routes, as well as having more vehicles on the road.

Overlapping regions – Optimal compromise

For companies that don’t want to give up having fixed regions, we offer a solution that combines the benefits of both fixed and dynamic regions. With overlapping regions, the advantages of having a clear division into postal code regions or national borders are combined with the benefits of dynamic planning, with the borders extended in a sensible manner. The overlap with adjacent regions offers the optimum compromise between customer- and loading-dependent handling times as well as the ideal journey time.

Dynamic planning – Optimal driving times

The fully dynamic planning approach, which is not dependent on geographical borders, allows you to efficiently utilise your fleet’s loading capacity. Delivery areas can therefore be optimised as a whole. The benefits include punctual deliveries, the shortest route in each case and the fully automated assignment of orders to tours.

Route planning with time-dependent travel times

With route planning, effectiveness (time) and efficiency (total cost) are of the utmost importance to ensure that your drivers and technicians to reach their destination at the desired ETA while also keeping your drivers and clients happy and saving valuable money for your entire operations. However, there is one crucial time related aspect that is often overlooked when planning routes: the actual traffic flow velocity at different locations and times of the day in a delivery area. Learn more!

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Optimal route planning powered by the TMS algorithm

The choice is yours – the EPG Scenario Optimizer™ enables you to refine the optimal route simulation with the aid of weighted factors and save your own scenarios as templates for use in future calculations. The process involves simultaneously calculating and comparing various scenarios.

Deep Calculation Mode

  • takes into account all possible tour options and delivers results within 30-45 minutes
  • typically calculation at night for optimal route planning the next day.

Fast Calculation Mode

  • offers the ideal combination of speed and precision, yielding highly efficient results within just 15 minutes
  • calculation is mostly done overnight to revise route plans for e.g. spontaneous updates of routes and deliveries the next day

Ad Hoc Calculation Mode

  • calculates the optimal route at the touch of a button in a matter of seconds, depending on the complexity
  • fast, spontaneous calculation, for example to schedule short-term stops on existing tours

Different calculation modes for the optimal route

Greenplan is deployed in these industries

Are you active in transport management? Or do you have a large fleet of vehicles to reach your customers quickly as part of your service? No matter how large your fleet is or which customer segment you serve - Greenplan offers a solution for your requirements for efficient route planning in the following sectors:

Courier, express & parcel services

Parcel and courier services are among the most demanding industries, acting as the beating heart of the economy. Greenplan helps them to drive down operating costs and ensure on-time deliveries.

Greenplan Case Studies

Field service & facility management

Having greater flexibility is always a good thing – service, repairs and expert assistance can be planned with the aid of Greenplan. Optimised tour planning saves time and resources while also enhancing customer satisfaction.

Field Service Case Study

Road Freight

Greenplan helps companies to optimise their supply chain processes. The intelligent algorithm facilitates challenging just-in-time deliveries, especially in complex LTL networks.

Freight and Parcel Logistics Case Study

Retail & home delivery

The Greenplan software supports retailers and delivery companies with its optimal routing and stop sequence solution – especially in dense urban areas.

Food Retail Case Study


Greenplan enables online marketplaces and their logistics subsidiaries to leverage improved routing solutions for their own delivery and LTL fleets.

Greenplan Case Studies

Developed by renowned mathematicians

Greenplan is the product of over 50 years of mathematical expertise and 75 years of logistics experience. It’s a solution that fully meets the sustainability, flexibility and efficiency requirements of today’s world. The intelligent algorithm was developed by scientists at the mathematics research institute of the University of Bonn (Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität Bonn) in cooperation with DHL. It is driving sustainable logistics – both now and in the future.

Benefit from Greenplan in combination with EPG ONE Suite Learn more!

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