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On-Time Performance App

The digital solution for efficient workflows and digital process documentation

Welcome to the digital future: Plan, coordinate, and monitor your aircraft turnaround processes for each airline in real-time, using accurate, live data with the OTP App (On-time performance App).

Harness the benefits of a paperless future: save time and money while simultaneously enhancing precision in data capture. The OTP App empowers you to design your individual workflows, make adjustments as needed, and thoroughly document your processes.

All of this is achievable without the need to rely on external resources.

OTP App Features:

  • Powerful workflow designer: Boost your on-time performance with our intuitive workflow designer, ensuring seamless operations.
  • Digitalization of job lists: Enhance service delivery and streamline processes by making the transition from paper-based job lists to digital platforms.
  • Data consolidation: Consolidate multiple data feeds, including schedules, Type B messaging, and airport and airline information, for comprehensive insights.
  • Optimized ground handling: Centralize the collection of all performance indicators, optimizing your ground handling operations efficiently.
  • Time stamps and task dependencies: Capture precise time stamps and task dependencies, ensuring accurate tracking and efficient task management.
  • Real-time flight tracking: Track flights and access real-time flight data, allowing you to enhance service delivery based on live information.
  • Digital verifications: Conduct real-time digital verifications and automate the transmission of PDF reports to stakeholders, ensuring transparency and accountability.
  • Offline capability: Work offline for greater flexibility, ensuring uninterrupted operations even in challenging connectivity environments.
  • Compatibility: Seamless integration with industry-standard systems, enhancing collaboration and interoperability across platforms

The OTP App, functioning as a mobile Workflow Task System, enables you to digitalize all workflows and documentation processes. The app's intuitive interface supports a high degree of customization – internal processes can be created, arranged, and managed swiftly without reliance on external resources. Employees receive their tasks directly on their devices, in real-time, and can execute these tasks seamlessly – even without an internet connection. Comprehensive documentation and live status updates facilitate flexible and smooth task execution, ensuring efficient work processes within a professional environment.


  • Independent workflow adjustments without programming

  • Extensive customization through pre-defined templates

  • Checklists, GPS tracing, route navigation, digital signatures, actual-vs.-target comparisons, response scales, photo documentation, and much more.

The workflow app for the aviation sector

Learn more about our new OTP app!

Digital Workflows (OTP App)

Your processes - now digitised paperless!


Your gateway to streamlined ground handling operations

Enter the digital revolution of ground handling with the OTP App. This innovative solution is designed to revolutionize your aircraft turnaround management, ensuring unmatched efficiency and superior SLA performance.

Say goodbye to cumbersome paperwork and welcome in a new era of seamless digitalization. With the OTP App, you can effortlessly digitize and document every aspect of your aircraft turnaround management process. Experience the immediate benefits of a paperless future by instantly gaining a clear overview of your handling operations, enhancing your on-time performance, and significantly reducing the risk of unnecessary delays and penalties.

Our app provides turnaround coordinators and ramp agents with a simple yet highly intuitive configuration tool, putting the power in your hands. Designing task profiles and processes has never been easier, enabling you to promptly respond to internal or customer-driven changes while adhering to SLA requirements. Specify the data to capture every step of the process through our mobile application, ensuring compliance and efficiency at all times.