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Supply Chain Control Tower

Your all-in-one dashboard for process monitoring

EPG ONE™ Supply Chain Control Tower (TIMESQUARE):
The all-in-one dashboard for process monitoring.

Which storage area is the busiest at the moment? Where is it possibly becoming critical and where is intervention necessary? EPG ONE™ Supply Chain Control Tower (TIMESQUARE) is the cockpit for process monitoring in logistics, with which you always have an overview of your current warehouse activities. In a clearly arranged dashboard your KPI's are displayed centrally. How? You define that yourself. The data is constantly updated. This gives you even more flexibility in your day-to-day logistics operations and allows you to react if necessary. By the way: For example, TIMESQUARE can be easily connected to SAP and any other WMS or ERP system. This enables you to pull data for TIMESQUARE directly from your existing systems and to bundle everything clearly in a dashboard - even beyond logistics. For even more transparency. Please contact us and we will develop a solution for your individual requirements!

Supply Chain Control Tower (TIMESQUARE)

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Flexible dashboards in a complex data landscape.

Today, the system landscape of logistics companies is more complex than ever. Many different solutions need to be brought under one roof. If you want to keep an overview of the running processes and the defined KPI's, you need a central dashboard. This is the only way to identify critical situations at an early stage and initiate appropriate countermeasures and optimisation measures. TIMESQUARE enables the simple bundling of different data sources in a clearly arranged dashboard. On the basis of the preconfigured dashboard templates, users can easily put together their own desired display format - and expand it at any time. This is what makes the system so flexible.

All in view.


In the highly digitalised everyday logistics world, one thing above all is required: a good overall view. About logistics, but also about all other data sources. TIMESQUARE bundles all data from your processes within seconds.  Use the most important KPI's out of the box and benefit from our many years of experience in the logistics industry: From the monitoring of incoming goods through various packing areas to transport systems, loading gates and the goods receiving area. On one surface, TIMESQUARE provides a view of the current day's events. On request, all data from other areas can also be integrated - for example from your ERP or CRM system. The combination of all data sources always provides you with a good overall view.

You receive TIMESQUARE from us in a secure, private cloud - in the EPG CLOUD. This eliminates installation and maintenance for you. We take care of that for you. Beyond that you profit from: 

  • the central operation and maintenance of dashboarding, so that you do not need your own database system in your company
  • a performance-optimised data update
  • calculable costs
  • a solution, that is always up to date
  • our highly secure environment, where your data is in good hands
  • from the flexibility and scalability of our cloud solutions

TIMESQUARE offers you the possibility to compile dashboards from different data sources: from your WMS, your ERP or your CRM system. The advantage? You have all data bundled in one interface. And this is true across all systems and locations as well as version independent. A tedious clicking back and forth on different surfaces is no longer necessary. The updating of data will be guaranteed on an ongoing basis. You not only have a constant overview of all processes but can also intervene immediately if necessary and take active countermeasures. TIMESQUARE can be connected to any data source, including Oracle, MSQL, web services or Excel.

Benefit from the flexible data visualisation by simply and individually compiling your required key figures. On the one hand, of course, you can display all defined KPI's from the various data sources. You can also add visualisations from web content, such as web pages, images or videos. TIMESQUARE offers you the flexibility you need in your daily work.

TIMESQUARE is your Supply Chain Control Tower. Together we define threshold values in advance to avoid critical situations. You decide: Do you need a display for a general overview or an insight into special work areas, for example a board at the reception or at the loading gates? According to your requirements we create your personal dashboard. For more transparency in the various corporate divisions - be it in the warehouse, at the loading gate or for an overview at management level. For this purpose, TIMESQUARE has various role concepts which you can define for yourself and your employees depending on your requirements.

The advantages at a glance:

  • Centralisation of dashboards of the entire EPG logistics software suite
  • Cross-system, cross-location and system-independent
  • Maximum transparency through monitoring for each corporate division
  • Proactive reporting of critical situations and early recognition of optimisation potential
  • Definition of permissions for the creation of individual dashboards
  • Integration of data from external systems

All KPI's in view across all areas.

TIMESQUARE is the central Supply Chain Control Tower - for all company divisions. Through various role concepts, you offer your colleagues an overview of the data that is relevant to them. Be it at goods receipt, during loading or for an overview at management level. For this purpose, external systems - in addition to the WMS, this can also be your ERP system - can be connected to TIMESQUARE.

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Supply Chain Control Tower (TIMESQUARE)