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Contract and Billing

The Finance & Controlling System for the Supply Chain

EPG ONE™ Contract and Billing (CnB) -
The Finance & Controlling System for the Supply Chain

Do you really capture and invoice all the services within the supply chain you have provided for your customers? How much time is spent internally checking and creating monthly customer invoices? With EPG ONE™ Contract and Billing (CnB), we enable significant revenue and efficiency increases in the billing process thanks to integrated contract management, where individual customer agreements are created and then immediately linked to the logistics services provided. All services are recorded, documented and billed across systems (e.g. from ERP, WMS, TMS, etc.).

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Advantages at a glance.

  • Increase in earnings due to accurate and complete invoices
  • Optimisation of invoice verification and error correction before invoices are sent to the client
  • Automated invoicing reduces administrative work to a minimum
  • Logistical services are recorded directly via mobile app or WMS activities
  • Replacement of error-prone "proprietary solutions" such as Excel or SQL
  • Certified billing system according to IDW PS 880
Integration with SAP S/4HANA®

Interface for the next generation of digitalised logistics processes

CnB received SAP certification for integration with SAP S/4HANA®. The integration helps our customers to implement CnB seamlessly into their existing SAP® environment. Thanks to the standardised SAP iDoc interfaces, we are able to offer our customers a modern method of software implementation with reduced downtime. Through the SAP® Integration and Certification Center (SAP ICC), CnB was thoroughly tested in communication with S/4 Hana. It was certified that EPG CnB communicates with SAP S/4HANA in a compatible way based on standard integration technologies. CnB enhances SAP S/4HANA as the next-generation business suite that supports companies in the digital transformation of their business processes.

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CnB - A Game Changer For The Logistics Sector

Digital solutions in the area of contract and billing management are summarised under the term "Contract and Billing" (CnB). CnB systems provide the digital answer to all challenges of manual contract and billing management. With CnB, you can record all services without gaps and bill them in full. You can find out more about this in this white paper.

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  • Digital administration of contracts including the agreed conditions and service catalogues
  • Display of conditions in any degree of detail
  • Internal approval workflow of the contract document with predefined recipient group
  • Seamless documentation of additional services
  • Creation of individual contract templates


    • Cross-supply chain recording of all services rendered
    • Smart service entry via an app
    • Fully automatic recognition and assignment to contract conditions
    • Integrated commercial rules and automated billing runs


      • Digital and automatic invoicing
      • Transmission of the invoice documents by e-mail including an approval workflow
      • Invoice verification by the customer in the web portal
      • Fewer customer complaints and queries
        Your benefits at a glance.

        CnB: Extensive service catalogs, automated processes.

        • Cloud-based and mobile - all-in-one solution for all commercial billing processes in logistics, certified according to IDW PS 880.
        • Automated processes - automated recording, assignment and billing of all services provided in one system
        • Extensive service catalogs - management of standard services catalogs which can be customized.
        • Flexible contract generation - generation of individual customer and supplier contracts in almost any level of detail.
        • Simple integration - standardized interfaces for use with any external accounting and/or ERP systems.
        EPG | CnB

        CnB - your complete solution for digital contract and billing management

        CnB has powerful functionalities so that you can transparently handle your entire contract and billing management step by step.

        CnB digitises and organises management of contracts, including the agreed conditions and catalogues of services. This also includes creating specific customer and supplier contracts at the required level of detail. CnB has an integrated contract template manager as well. Users can easily create their own custom templates for creating contracts. Additional services can also be documented quickly and securely and saved as an annex to the main contract. The software automatically inserts the information in the correct place in the document based on the customer agreements. Furthermore, CnB also supports version management including change tracking - and maps the internal approval workflow. A pre-defined group of recipients thus receives the contract in advance by e-mail link for review before it is sent to the customer. This eliminates errors from the outset.

        CnB records all the services you perform in all parts of the supply chain. It records warehouse activities, such as goods incoming, stock transfers and picking, as well as services related to road, rail, sea and air, such as container unloading and toll charges. These are sent to the software or, alternatively, simply recorded directly on site using the mobile app.

        CnB has an integrated set of commercial rules. This includes, for example, price index clauses for automatic price adjustments, a foreign currency management system, weekend and overtime bonuses and other possible contractual agreements. Individual details such as quantity, weights, prices, invoice recipients or additional services can be changed manually at any time. CnB automatically includes these key figures in the service processing.

        Once a service has been recorded, CnB handles the fully automatic recognition and allocation of the service to the correct contract conditions. This is based on a commercial rulebook, including price index clauses for automatic price adjustments and foreign currency management. The invoice is then generated digitally and automatically. The CnB system also supports automated billing runs. Generated invoice documents can be printed and automatically sent to the customer by email. The customer can then easily check the invoice on the web portal, significantly reducing the number of customer complaints and queries and providing greater transparency throughout the process.

        To save time and make the process as efficient as possible for all parties involved, the generated invoice document with proof of performance is provided as a PDF or as an e-mail. The customer can then conveniently check the invoice in the web portal. Both sides profit from the advantage: You always have an overview of the status of your invoices. The customer can be sure that he will only be charged for services rendered. This significantly reduces customer complaints and queries. Transparency increases - and you receive your money faster. And by the way: Currently, over 500 logistics services are available for billing.

        Get even more out of CnB.

        CnB offers you even more: Use the service entry via mobile app and document it directly at the place of service provision. In addition, the solution significantly reduces the complexity within your ERP system landscape. Start now!

        Services recording via App

        With the app (Mobile Service Registration), services can be recorded directly on site - and thus also special services such as administration, support or equipment rental, but also, for example, fuel surcharges. Administration is centralized and use is possible regardless of location. It is also easy to integrate third-party systems, such as warehouse management, transport management or workforce management.

        Fewer adjustments in the ERP system

        With CnB you not only optimize your contract and billing management and digitalize your processes. At the same time you also reduce the complexity of the process world on the ERP system side. CnB takes over all steps necessary for a holistic documentation, recording and billing of logistics services. Complex and cost-intensive adjustments in your ERP system are no longer necessary.


        full contract management

        Coverage of all contract-relevant processes, from the administration of the catalogue of services and prices to the creation thereof


        multi station capability

        Any number of stations are able to work online with the centrally-managed software. The software also supports different currencies and tax regulations


        flexible invoicing (billing)

        Invoices can be generated within the scope of freely configurable invoicing procedures and dispatched in a variety of paper-based and electronic formats

        Learn more about our solution.

        All-in-one solution for billing and contract management.

        EPG´s CnB is also suitable for use in aviation Inform now about EPG´s AIRPORT!