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Neutral and manufacturer-independent
logistics consulting.

EPG CONSULTING is the Ehrhardt Partner Group’s manufacturer-independent logistics consultant. Optimize your entire supply chain with EPG CONSULTING, comprehensively and independently. As a neutral partner, we are by your side throughout your project – from consulting through planning to implementation. Our consulting approach always keeps an eye on the bigger picture with excellent specialist knowledge for implementation. The goal of logistics consulting from us is to deliver a successful project with lasting and future-proof solutions from a single source.

Neutral, transparent, holistic

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Slotting: Finding the right bin location strategy for greater efficiency in warehouse logistics

Slotting is a solution for optimizing warehouse space that allows you to maximize your warehouse capacity and significantly reduce the duration of intralogistics movements. A slot is a bin location and slotting is the strategy for optimizing intralogistics processes with the objective of finding the optimal bin location for each item in the warehouse. As part of digitalization, warehouse management systems are a software solution that have made an error-free bin strategy possible. But only combined with the right slotting strategy will exploit the full potential of your warehouse. Learn more...

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The Consulting Suite is the first online optimization platform for logistics. With the Consulting-as-a-Service solution, you benefit from a significantly streamlined process flow and enormous time savings for your individual logistics optimization project. Make short-term changes in your infrastructure independently or plan for the long term. With its direct connection to a higher-level WMS/ERP system, the Consulting Suite provides recommendations for action for every application at the click of a mouse. For more flexibility, quick optimization suggestions and long-term savings - from the first use.

Online optimization platform for logistics

The material flow plays an important role in logistics, in particular in internal transport operations and transport processes. The material flow is a major cost driver for companies too, as elements can be time-consuming and expensive. Work with EPG CONSULTING to optimize your intralogistics, comprehensively and independently, from goods incoming to goods outgoing. We support you not just through planning and optimizing logistics, but also as an expert partner for subsequent implementation and support.

Logistics optimization

Do you want to set up a new warehouse or install new logistics systems? Then you can rely on the consulting services from EPG CONSULTING. We are with you all the way, from consulting through planning to implementation of your project. Working with us, you get a veteran in the practical discipline of logistics by your side. With you, we define your logistics goals and start planning your system based on your objectives.

Logistics planning

Logistics Planning 4.0 is the concept that EPG CONSULTING applies to make warehouse planning more transparent, reliable and cost-effective. By using the very latest software for warehouse planning, you get a 3D visualization of the warehouse we have planned for you, or even of your existing warehouse. The software creates a digital replica or "digital twin" of the warehouse for this purpose. The visualization can be further enriched with material flow data and therefore create a complete simulation up to and including emulation. You can take a virtual tour round the digital twin (a virtual warehouse tour) using a VR headset or on our holodeck.

Virtual reality warehouse planning

3.4 billion parcels left distribution centers last year in Germany alone. The entire logistics process generates volumes of data the we find almost impossible to comprehend. But how do we structure and exploit that data? Our answer is TIMESQUARE. You can use this service to turn big data into smart data in your warehouse. The solution offers you a wide range of possibilities, as it uses existing data to provide specific recommendations for you to optimize future processes.

Logistics analytics

Do you want to exploit the full potential from the sales increases in online commerce, but the systems and processes within your logistics are reaching their limits? The e-commerce consulting from EPG CONSULTING offers the solution. With us, you will find the right logistics strategy and create the agility and flexibility necessary in e-commerce with targeted process optimisations to meet the demands of your customers. We know the challenges of logistics processes in B2C business and see holistic e-commerce optimisation as a decisive success factor. Of course, we are at your side as a neutral partner throughout the entire project and help you to make your online trade fit for the future.

E-Commerce consulting

Services provided by EPG CONSULTING.

  • Planning and implementation of complete logistics systems
  • Comprehensive planning – inside out
  • Material flow planning, capacity planning and space planning
  • Preparation of specifications for logistics systems and IT systems
  • Project management in all phases of implementation
  • Planning and performance of commissioning and acceptance procedures
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thousand Euros/year

savings on operational/operating costs
for automated warehouse planning (example)



Average amortization period
for logistics optimization (example)



when planning and
carrying out your project

Warehouse planning and logistics consulting.

FAQ - Questions and answers about logistics consulting and warehouse planning.

EPG CONSULTING advises customers on their specific issues and problems and actively supports customers to successfully develop and implement measures to deal with their problems and issues, e.g. to reduce logistics costs or increase picking performance. Our white paper "Successful order picking in four steps" provides useful information to optimize your picking performance.

Warehouse and logistics planning involves consulting and planning for new warehouses and distribution centers, as well as optimizing existing warehouses and distribution centers. The first step is to analyze processes and potential, as necessary in the specific case. In addition to analyzing the current situation, requirements expected in the future are also taken into account. This is followed by execution planning (detailed planning), implementation and project management.

The aim of logistics planning is to develop and implement customer-specific logistics solutions that meet the needs of the customer. The spectrum ranges from planning new warehouse and distribution centers through optimizing distribution networks and developing logistics strategies to choosing sites.

EPG CONSULTING ensures that all customer requirements are taken into account and implemented specifically for each customer, regardless of manufacturer interests, by delivering manufacturer-neutral and manufacturer-independent consulting and planning. We are not tied to a limited range of products and we implement the best solution for our customers from across all manufacturers. 

The simple answer is - there are none. This is because warehouse planning before project implementation guarantees that all customer requirements are properly taken into account and implemented. EPG CONSULTING therefore ensures that the project will be successful and actually supports companies to reduce costs, e.g. by comparing bids and optimizing logistics solutions. The average ROC (Return on Consulting) is 10.

Planning an optimal material flow involves recording the actual processes and material flows currently in place and analyzing them to identify potential for improvement, e.g. by increasing material throughput and reducing throughput times. 

Virtual logistics planning, for us, means planning e.g. new distribution centers with new planning tools, such as virtual reality. We create a true-to-life model of the new warehouse and can therefore quickly make adjustments to the layout. Functions such as logistics simulation can be added to the model.

Supply chain management involves managing and controlling the entire value chain inside and outside the company. This not only takes into account the material flow, but the flow of information and money as well. Ehrhardt + Partner advises customers on supply chain management to improve the value chain end-to-end.

As a top logistics consultancy, we see ourselves as a partner on the side of our customers and as a company that, in dialog with customers, develops and fully implements sustainable logistics and supply chain management solutions that are fit for the future.

We are your logistics consulting experts.

With our Consulting Suite, you can push the digitalization and process automation of your warehouse optimizations even further. The Consulting-as-a-Service solution enables you to make independent and sustainable optimizations. Test it now for free! And if you still need personal advice, our EPG CONSULTING experts are available to you at any time. Please contact us!

Play an active role in designing your logistics.

Logistics consulting with EPC at a glance.

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