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Big Data becomes Smart Data.
To know already today what is important tomorrow.

Do you know how much potential is hidden in your warehouse? Only a fraction of the data available in a company is systematically collected and, of that data, only a small part is analyzed and used to support business decisions. With EPG ONE™ TIMESQUARE, we provide a service that uncovers and analyzes untapped possibilities within the warehouse. Make use of existing data, and tap into the full potential of existing possibilities. Is your business very seasonal, for example? Using the collected and analyzed data, TIMESQUARE can provide targeted predictions for future developments.

Consulting Suite.

Cost savings from the 1st use

Use the online optimization platform independent of time and location.

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Realize predictions for your business success
by using TIMESQUARE.

Benefit from a high level of planning reliability by optimizing your existing processes. For example, TIMESQUARE shows you how to manage your picking section most effectively by optimizing bin location for demand and time. You will then be prepared for the high season and can schedule staff most effectively. TIMESQUARE fully complements our range of services and consulting. The benefit: We understand your processes and requirements. We know what you need to optimize and we can start to make changes immediately.

Our solutions.

The possibilities provided by predictive analytics.

Market basket analysis

  • Objective: Store items together that are frequently ordered together.
  • Result: Reduce your internal travel times, avoid unproductive times and increase your logistics efficiency. Continue to use the findings to design new products and marketing strategies and increase your sales.
  • Reduce picking distances by 15% on average for person-to-goods picking


  • Objective: Based on historical data and the constant addition of current data and information, we help you identify patterns, relationships and interactions.
  • Result: You get insight into the demand and behavior patterns of your customers, you can adjust your logistics accordingly and identify demand in advance. Proactively, instead of responding passively.
  • Forecast optimum stock levels in the future to reduce warehousing costs

Resource availability

  • Objective: Plan future logistics performance (e.g. for picking) and schedule the required number of employees for demand.
  • Result: You can deploy your human resources more flexibly, optimize your logistics sections and save on costs.
  • Forecast future customer orders for optimum deployment and utilization of logistics employees and industrial trucks

Our solutions and services contribute to the success of your business.

  • Reduce logistics costs - by generating reliable forecasts 
  • Increased planning reliability - by obtaining information in real time
  • You do not need your own infrastructure - run via our data center
  • Create and automate forecasts for continuous improvement of your business operations
  • Decision-making optimized on the basis of data-driven and scientific methods
  • The infrastructure provided by EPG lets you analyze and evaluate results in real time.

Automatic Data Analysis.

Logistics Analytics as a solution from EPG CONSULTING.

4 steps to greater insight.

1. Data collection

A key part of the project is your existing data for analysis. You can also integrate external sources of data (e.g. sales forecasts and weather data).

The benefit of TIMESQUARE: you have your own database for logistics processes e.g. from LFS, which can be used by the SaaS (Software as a Service) model without worrying about the version.

2. Understanding the data

Data to solve the problem is identified, pre-selected and prepared for use in the model.

The benefit of TIMESQUARE: our many years of experience and the range of IT projects we have implemented means that we have a full understanding of logistical data, which can be accessed directly e.g. in LFS.

3. Pattern recognition

The selected data and subsequent modeling is used to create the data model for pattern recognition, which is then refined and finished in an iterative process.

The benefit of TIMESQUARE: the solution runs in our data center operated by Ehrhardt Partner Xtended (EPX), which analyzes the data and outputs the result e.g. directly to LFS. You therefore do not need any IT resources for this solution.

4. Forecast and implementation

Once pattern recognition is complete, TIMESQUARE is then implemented in your business. This includes setting up time- or event-based analysis and delivering the analysis results, e.g. to LFS, as well as local implementation of optimization logic.

The benefit of TIMESQUARE: the analysis results are incorporated directly into logistics operations to improve decision-making and processes. The results can be used regularly as a tool or to answer specific questions.