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Schedule HR capacities ahead of orders with LFS.wfm.

Scheduling and optimally managing resources ahead of orders is one of the most important challenges for today's logistics companies. LFS.wfm (Workforce Management) is a standalone solution developed by the Ehrhardt + Partner Group (EPG) for workforce planning and resource management. It manages automated scheduling of your workforce on the basis of the specific order volume. For example, LFS.wfm automatically creates calculations for workforce deployment against the actual order volume. Logistics companies thereby increase the delivery service level and benefit from maximum planning certainty.

New workforce management solution from the Ehrhardt + Partner Group.

Knowing whether all human resources in the warehouse are being optimally utilized is one of the most valuable pieces of information for logistics companies and can mean a decisive competitive edge. EPG creates greater transparency in this area with LFS.wfm. The module dynamically visualizes all resource availabilities in real time based on the current order volume, stored shift rosters, the qualifications of employees and the number of available employees – at process, work area and task level. Task management is done using mobile devices with visual support via dashboards. The EPG solution covers everything from long-term to daily scheduling. LFS also automatically identifies the required process steps per order, such as picking, packing and shipping, and the applicable time to process each step. This delivers important benefits, as critical situations and bottlenecks can be identified early on and resolved before they occur, the delivery service level increases and human resources can also be allocated efficiently. HR managers also benefit in particular from the ability to add new employees and qualification parameters to the system with great flexibility.


Flexible management of order peaks

With LFS.wfm, workforce and operational information is provided at different levels of detail for optimized workforce scheduling. Logistics companies can use this data to create shift and duty rosters noticeably most quickly and react flexibly to short-notice operational changes. Each member of staff receives the specified task for which he or she is qualified, because the qualifications data is stored directly in LFS.wfm. Based on the employee's logon credentials, the system automatically identifies the employee's work area. Compliance with statutory and contractual working hours and other requirements are also taken into account. You avoid idle periods and overloading employees, and HR managers can schedule their workforce in a cost- and time-efficient manner and at the same time increase the satisfaction of all employees.


Resource planning with AI

The Ehrhardt + Partner Group links the LFS.wfm workforce management solution to its LFS.analytics smart service. This makes a number of things possible, including predictive workforce scheduling, based on historical data and empirical values. With IBM as its technology partner, EPG is also working on the integration of artificial intelligence (AI), so that in the future external influencing factors, such as the weather or relevant news or events, will also be taken into account for scheduling too.