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EPG on the East European Market: Clear winner when it comes to functionality.

EPG has seen constant international growth for years now. EPG in Poland also clearly stands out from the competition with its overall portfolio of solutions. As has now been confirmed in a comparison by the Polish magazine “Modern Warehouse” of all market competitors for warehouse management systems (p.64). EPG is the clear winner on functionality. From WMS, WCS and WFM solutions to TMS and voice systems, EPG is setting the pace on the Polish market with its Supply Chain Execution Suite (SES).

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ROSSMANN also counts on EPG | LFS in Eastern Europe

ROSSMANN, one of the largest drug store chains in Europe, has been relying on EPG's logistics solutions for over 20 years. The German company expanded into Eastern Europe back in the 1970s with more than 1,892 stores and has since opened 1,400 branches in 400 cities in Poland.

Readers of the “Modern Warehouse” magazine can find out how EPG solutions contribute to optimizing the entire logistics at ROSSMANN in Poland in the case study “ Rossmann and EPG: Together for the digital future” on pages 68-70 after the comparison of competitors.

The concept of a central warehouse, originally developed for Germany, has been adopted in Lodz, Poland, to supply all the Rossmann stores in Poland. The tried-and-tested warehouse logistics structure has been implemented as a like-for-like replica of the Landsberg warehouse.

The LFS warehouse management software from EPG also manages the complex system of all the ROSSMANN main warehouses and other regional warehouses in Europe.

EPG | LFS at the second biggest drug store chain ROSSMANN in Europe.