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LIT Days 2024

Efficiency meets Sustainability: Innovative Strategies for Transportation Management

Logistics Innovation Technology Days 2024

The esteemed „Logistik-Informationstage“ are back with it’s 15th edition and this year they are being introduced as “Logistics Innovation Technology Days”! On April 11 to April 12, 2024, EPG is opening it’s doors of the Logistics Solutions Center in Boppard-Buchholz to welcome you.

Under the motto “Efficiency meets Sustainability: Innovative Strategies for Transportation Management” we invite decision makers and experts of the entire industry. With practical examples and expert presentations from leading companies, we provide solutions for current challenges and key questions of the industry. We address topics, such as driver shortages, sustainability goals, and cost pressures as well as demonstrating how optimized route planning can significantly reduce your vehicle fleet.

On the night of the 11th you can look forward to an exclusive dinner event with culinary highlights of renowned Michelin-starred and TV chefs Sarah Henke and Christian Eckhardt, and unwind the day in a relaxed atmosphere with musical accompaniment.

April 11, 2024: Exclusive Dinner Party with at Lemabri in Boppard-Buchholz with Sarah Henke and Christian Eckhardt

Agenda for LIT 2024 – Top-notch Speakers and Interactive Masterclasses:

This year, the spotlight is on the trends and challenges facing transportation logistics and management. Joining us are notable speakers and partners such as Deloitte, Jumbo Supermarkten, DHL, and Smart Freight Centre, as we deep dive into the industry’s trends, challenges, and solutions. Be prepared for interactive masterclasses facilitated by our team of IT and logistics experts.


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10:30 AM
Registration and Refreshments



11:00 AM
Moderator: Werner Geilenkirchen


11:05 AM
Welcome and Introduction


11:15 AM
Logistics in Transition: Driver Shortage, Sustainability Goals, and Cost Pressure – Does the Future Bring Only Challenges or Also Opportunities?
Speaker: Lydia Neuhuber, Deloitte


11:45 AM
Efficient and Sustainable Transport Management - How to Significantly Reduce Your Vehicle Fleet through Better Route Planning and Lower Transport Costs and CO2 Emissions
Speaker: Dr. Clemens Beckmann, CEO Greenplan GmbH & Dr. Dirk Müller, University of Bonn


12:15 PM
Case Study: Enhancing Cost Efficiency and Punctuality at Jumbo's online business with Simacan and Greenplan
Speaker: Jan Leensen, Jumbo Supermarkten & Eric Mulders, Simacan & Florian Merget, Greenplan


12:45 PM
Lunch + Solutions Marketplace


2:15 PM
Era of Sustainable Logistics - The Role of Innovation
Speaker: Tanja Grauf, DHL Innovation Center


2:45 PM
Efficiency on the Last Mile: Deployment of Innovative Driver Applications with Proof of Delivery (PoD)
Speaker: EPG

3:15 PM
Digital Transformation and Automation in Contract and Billing Management (Case Study on Optimizing Carrier Invoice Auditing and Shipping Billing)
Speaker: EPG

3:45 PM
Introduction to Breakout-Sessions


4:00 PM
Coffee Break + Solution Marketplace


4:30 PM
Breakout Sessions / Masterclasses:
1) Superior Routing: Easy Exchange and Implementation of a Routing Engine. Route Optimization in No Time.
2) Digital Transformation and Automation of Contract and Billing Processes in Transport Management (CnB)
3) Drivers as Integral Part of Modern Transport Management (Application Examples in the Driver App)
4) Optimal Integration of Third-Party Providers (KEP): Multi-Carrier Shipping Management (ISS)


5:30 PM
Transition to the Evening Event / Hotel


From 7:00 PM
Lemabri: Kitchen Party, Live Music and Star Chefs

09:30 AM
Welcome and Introduction
Moderator: Werner Geilenkirchen


09:45 AM
Transformation in Transport Management under the Heightened Demands of Sustainability
Speaker: Christoph Wolff, CEO Smart Freight Centre


10:15 AM
Modeling the Specific Requirements of a Heterogeneous Transport Service Provider
Speaker: Linda Overberg, Peter Bluhm (Sievert Logistik)


10:45 AM
Coffee Break & Solution Marketplace


11:15 AM
Optimizing transport: Balancing operations and the voice of the customer
Speaker: Evert Armirotto, Arvesta & Tim van Lohuizen, Groenewout


11:45 AM
What Ultimately Counts... Strategic Transport Management: Success through Targeted Control with Metrics, Dashboards, and KPIs
Speaker: EPG


12:15 PM
Conclusion and Farewell with Lunch Package Handover

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Which trends dominate the field of transport logistics and what challenges need to be overcome?

Speakers from Deloitte, DHL, Jumbo Supermarkten, Sievert Logistik, Smart Freight Centre, Simacan, Anaxco, and other prominent figures of the industry, will present you effective strategies for achieving efficiency gains and sustainability in your transport and route management.

How can you significantly reduce your vehicle fleet through route planning and at the same time decrease transportation costs and CO2 emissions?


Explore how to tackle present challenges with specific solutions, including optimizing routes by seamlessly swapping out your current route engine within the transportation management system..



How can you significantly reduce your vehicle fleet through route planning and at the same time decrease transportation costs and CO2 emissions?

Explore how to tackle present challenges with specific solutions, including optimizing routes by seamlessly swapping out your current route engine within the transportation management system.

How do major players in the market implement their strategies in transportation management?

Come and see! Visit our Logistics Solution Marketplace: Connect directly with leading providers in the industry and discover innovative solution approaches and strategies.

Be a part of shaping efficient and sustainable logistics and transportation management

Efficiency and sustainability remain key themes in logistics this year as well..

Today transport logistics and management are facing various challenges. Those are intensified by the rapid development of global markets, increasing customer demands, and the ever-growing pressure towards more sustainable practices. Two of the crucial levers to effectively address these challenges are route optimization and transport management planning. The adoption of suitable advanced technologies and strategic planning approaches can make logistics processes more efficient and cost-effective but also significantly reduce their environmental impact. 

Tackle these challenges at the Logistics Innovation Technology Days 2024:

  • Driver Shortage: An acute shortage of qualified drivers burdens the industry and increases the pressure to make transport routes as efficient as possible to optimize existing resources.

  • Sustainability goals: The increasing focus on environmental protection and reducing CO2 emissions requires companies to rethink their transport strategies and implement more sustainable solutions.

  • Cost pressures: Rising fuel prices, maintenance costs, and other operational expenses compel companies to seek ways to maximize their transport efficiency while minimizing costs.

Through the integration of innovative solution approaches into route optimization and transport management planning, companies can not only tackle existing challenges but also secure a competitive edge by achieving quicker, more cost-effective, and sustainable results.

The 15th Logistics Innovation Technology Days (LIT-Days) offer an exceptional opportunity to remain updated and share insights on the newest advancements and best practices in this domain.

During our keynotes, panel discussions, and interviews with customers and partners, you'll discover strategies to enhance the efficiency and sustainability of your operations, enabling you to stay ahead of the industry's evolving trends!


LIT Days - Key facts:

  • Thursday, April 11,2024, 10:30 AM to 06:00 PM, Dinner event starts at 07:00 PM,                                  Friday, April 11, 2024, 09:30 AM to 12:30 PM
  • Headquarters: Ehrhardt + Partner GmbH,  Alte Römerstr. 3, 56154 Boppard-Buchholz
  • You'll receive your ticket for both days of the LIT Days 2024 for just €149 (incl. Dinner event)!

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