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A contact for all occasions.

Customer service, technical support, and the appropriate hardware: we are your one-stop solution provider. We fulfill the highest quality requirements and are your point of contact for value added services. We want to help you make sure that your warehouse solutions are always up-to-date, which is why we continuously invest in our EPG service experts’ ongoing training and education. Be it development, sales, or repair: our services are your safeguard against warehouse downtime and outages.

We always have your goals in mind.

Your protective label for safe logistics processes.


We offer a multilingual service hotline around the clock, seven days a week, making sure that you receive the comprehensive support you need. Our warehouse experts are ready to help within minutes – even across the globe. We can access your system remotely via Internet or radio frequency (RF) data transmission; you decide what your service package will include. We are also happy to advise you on our maintenance contracts offering flexible duration and a flexible list of features.


If you choose our 24/7 support service, you also get to benefit from our monitoring system. We keep an eye on your processes at all times and detect any anomalies immediately. Should any anomalies occur, we will get in touch with you or directly connect to your customer system via VPN. This allows us to ensure that your system remains up and running at all times.

Repair service and hardware support.

In the event of a damage or defect, a fast response is essential: in our Technical Solution Center (TSC), we handle maintenance as well as timely repairs of your hardware. If needed, our Repair Center can even offer on-site service or provide you with loan units. In addition, TSC also handles the implementation of your entire warehouse-related infrastructure. Networks, radio data transmission solutions, or pick-by-voice can easily be integrated in accordance with your specific needs.


We offer a full-service package for all your warehouse hardware. We have been maintaining “design partnerships” with industry-leading suppliers such as IBM, topsystem, Zebra, or Datalogic for a number of years. Together, we never stop developing new hardware solutions. Be it hand-held devices, stacker terminals, or pick-by-voice: we integrate the appropriate system into your warehouse. To this aim, we not only handle the purchasing process of your hardware. We also organize your entire license management and take care of registering your maintenance contracts and license agreements.

Always a logistical step forward.

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