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You have questions? We have answers. Please feel free to get in touch should any questions remain unanswered. No matter your inquiry, we’re here to help.

Questions about our software support.

Yes, there is. If needed, we are happy to offer a fully customized support package that fulfills your individual requirements.

We are happy to arrange for a test environment, helping you to find out whether LFS is the perfect solution for you – even before you put our software into service. Just get in touch!

With our Ehrhardt + Partner Xtended (EPX) subsidiary, we provide the option of renting LFS and/or of also hosting it in the cloud.

LFS is the warehouse management system for smart, connected warehouse management and actively guides and controls all movements in manual and automated storage units. Flexible, safe, and with maximum transparency. In addition, LFS can also be employed regardless of the platform or database used, and can be expanded in accordance with industry-specific requirements. This makes it stand out against conventional warehouse management systems.

Simply use our contact form. The corresponding specialist will be in touch.

Both LFS and the WCS can simultaneously run on the same server.

The EPG ONE™ supply chain execution suite and the warehouse control system are manufacturer-independent, thereby allowing several hardware components made by different providers to be connected to the WCS.

Our range of courses offers the perfect solution for training your staff. We are happy to design an individual training plan.

Questions about our hardware support.

EPG offers a certified repair center. Find out more at

Yes, you can. We are happy to check your hardware as part of our quality assurance process and send you a test report.

Please contact our staff at with any questions you may have regarding warehouse hardware and IT infrastructure.