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LFS - Warehouse Management System

The technologically leading warehouse management system

Warehouse Management made easy.

EPG ONE™ warehouse management system (LFS) is a high-performance warehouse management system for the active control of all processes and material flow as well all available resources in the warehouse. Thanks to its unrivaled configurability, LFS can be tailored to work within your existing and future processes. It’s designed to grow alongside your business if and when your requirements change. It is easy to integrate with most leading enterprise resource planning systems (ERP systems) and all major technology platforms. This ensures seamless assimilation with current and future infrastructure, regardless of whether it is in the cloud or on premise. LFS is out-stand solution against typical warehouse management systems.

warehouse management system
Efficient Warehouse Management with our system LFS
LFS: Live Demo

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EPG recognized as a Challenger in the 2024
Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Warehouse Management Systems

  • EPG stands out as the only vendor in the Magic Quadrant to achieve significant improvements for three consecutive years in both ability to execute and completeness of vision. For the past two years, EPG has led the Challenger quadrant, outperforming all other challengers by a substantial margin.
  • EPG was specifically cited for having “more competitive pricing and TCO (due to its extensive configurability capabilities) compared to other WMS vendors in this research”​​
  • “EPG has extensive experience in highly complex and automated (Level 4 and 5) warehouses with integrated WCS and 3D graphical simulation, emulation and visualization capabilities”
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Warehouse Management System (LFS).

The warehouse management system (LFS) can be flexibly customized for your logistics workflows and comes with excellent service for any changeover of systems at your company. The benefits of the system at a glance:

All industries

We know your business. Whether you’re in logistics services, food, beverage, automotive, spare parts distribution, manufacturing, or another industry: LFS offers a variety of industry-specific packages, thereby ensuring that your warehouse management system meets all of your needs. You focus on your core business; let LFS handle your warehouse management.

Scalable and configurable

When your requirements change, we will quickly adapt LFS to these new conditions. Additional modules are needed? Our easily customizable warehouse management system ensures maximum flexibility and expandability.

International user interface

At this time, LFS is available in 16 languages, and is used across the entire globe, with the iBrowser user interface ensuring intuitive usability. Take a look which international companies are already using our warehouse management system.

All platforms and databases

The warehouse management system (LFS) runs on all common platforms, such as Windows, Linux, and IBM iSeries (AS/400, i5), as well as on Android and iOS operating systems for mobile applications. It can also easily be used with industry-leading databases Oracle, MS SQL, and DB2. Communication interfaces to all common ERP and PPS systems are of course included in LFS, as are services for use in SOA environments. The LFS warehouse management system was certified by SAP as far back as 1997.

Multi-client and enterprise ready

Is your logistics evolving? Connecting new sites and facilities is quick and easy, as is adding new clients – Our license model is flexible, meaning one license for all your sites, no matter how many clients you add and regardless of the number of users working with the warehouse management system.

Worldwide Support

Regardless of the LFS software version your organization is using: we guarantee worldwide 24/7 support for our software solutions. Our service experts always have to meet the highest quality requirements in the form of continuous training.

Logistics & Supply Chain Management.

Validations and certifications.

Gartner Peer Insights

  • EPG is "Customer First" verified vendor by Gartner
  • The Customer First program is designed to build trust and credibility, by signaling that a technology provider solicits reviews from all customers and recognizes the benefits of honest, unbiased feedback.
  • The program invites all customers to share honest feedback and utilize customer insights to drive product development, service and support
  • EPG’s Client satisfaction is high on average compared with other WMS providers that target the high end of the WMS marketplace (Level 4 + 5 warehouses)

Gartner Magic Quadrant

  • EPG is listed in the Magic Quadrant for Warehouse Management Systems by the IT analyst Gartner
  • Placement as top WMS provider worldwide for the mature and high-performance solutions
  • Annual provider analysis and mention in publications

LFS - a proven solution

  • Validation of our warehouse management system
  • Annual recurring review by the Fraunhofer Institute for Material Flow and Logistics (IML)
  • Inclusion of LFS as a qualified solution in the online portal of IML

What LFS does for you.

With LFS, you optimize every stage of your warehouse, helping you to reduce logistics costs and outperform the competition. When it comes to order picking, LFS has reduced errors by 30%, improved pick times by up to 70%. It can also improve space allocation by up to 30% due to its dynamic slotting capability. Get in contact with our logistics experts and learn more about our warehouse management system and how we can improve your warehouse.



Order Processing



Warehouse Performance



Picking Speed

We can help you with your selection.

Are you looking for the right warehouse management system?

Warehouse Management System Questions & Answers

We provide you with a collection of the most frequent asked questions about warehouse management systems. Get in contact with us for further information or assistance. We are looking forward to hear from you.

The flexibility of a software solution and its level of integration are equally important. The focus is on fulfilling requirements not only today, but continuing into the future. With our whitepaper about recommendations on selecting a warehouse management system, we have set up a guideline for you.

A good warehouse management system is exceptionally efficient in controlling the entire material and information flow in logistics centres. The system should run trouble-free on all common platforms as well as all market-leading data bases. The solution needs to be extremly flexible to meet your criteria to grow with your requirements.

Warehouse management systems need to accomplish more than just managing and organizing a warehouse. A WMS should be able to control the entire flow of goods with only one software version – even across borders and in multiple languages, and with each individual site or subsidiary having different sets of requirements. With LFS, you have a solution that actively controls all of your logistics processes from just one source.

Companies require ever more functions in order to take full advantage of the cost-saving potential within the warehouse and to be able to respond to future requirements placed on the warehouse environment. A flexible warehouse management system, that fits, helps to increase your process workflow efficiency and allows not only for noticeable savings but also ensures your logistics’ future viability at a low cost.

The first group are systems that are part of an ERP package (e.g. SAP). The second group of systems comes from specialist suppliers, such as the Ehrhardt Partner Group, who have specific logistics expertise and have developed their own warehouse management system. Our whitepaper provides an overview to help you decide what system may suit you.

In contrast to logistics systems that are part of an ERP package, warehouse management systems from specialized WMS providers are specifically geared to the requirements of the logistics industry. As a result, many essential functions are available out of the box in the standard software solution, so extensive customization is not necessary. Solutions such as the warehouse management system (LFS) also offer a greater range of functions than ERP systems and can therefore be directly adapted to the needs of customers.

Companies therefore get planning certainty with a future-proof system that is ready for future challenges and growth. Our screens and user interface, as well as the content of our software, are specifically tailored to the requirements of logistics. Your warehouse employees get just the information they actually need. For example, Ehrhardt + Partner Group employs a lot of former warehouse and logistics managers, who bring their practical experience to bear on development.

When it comes to selecting the right warehouse management system, system interfaces are crucial. LFS and SAP, for example, are connected using our certified SAP interface. The data content in the specific IDocs is defined with the customer and SAP consultants, to keep costs to a minimum. We have connected LFS to a wide variety of IT environments and systems in hundreds of projects. Please contact us to discuss the requirements for your warehouse management system.

Yes, our LFS can easily be connected to all common ERP systems. For example, our LFS is SAP certified since 1997. Thanks to the standardized SAP interface, LFS and SAP are easily linked and the effort is reduced to a minimum.

Among our customers, there are numerous small and medium-sized enterprises, working with our warehouse management system LFS. The flexibility and the modular structure of the system allows a compilation according to our costumers' requirements and company size. Find an overview of our customers.

With our private business cloud solution CLOUD you are set for the future. We provide you with all features you need. Our solution grows alongside your business. You only pay what you need.

We are your WMS Experts.

System check for your warehouse.
Experts answer your questions.

Experts answer your questions.

Questions, suggestions, assistance? No matter your inquiry, we’re here to help. Get in touch with our pool of experts, and get a head start on your logistical future.

We are here to help.

System check for your warehouse.

Let us do your warehouse check-up. Benefit from our experts’ many years of experience. Increase the profitability of your intralogistics and kick-start your processes!

Experts answer your questions.

Questions, suggestions, assistance? No matter your inquiry, we’re here to help. Get in touch with our pool of experts, and get a head start on your logistical future.

We are here to help.

Do you have any questions? Would you like to get to know more about LFS or customer support? Go to our FAQ and find out more how we can help you.

Easy LFS integration.

Standard ERP interfaces.