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Ground Handling

Efficient contract and billing management

Bill more and increase your turnover
with the Ground Handling System GHS.

EPG's Ground Handling System GHS meets all the requirements of airports and ground handling operations for efficient contract and billing management. The features include preparation of handling contracts, end-to-end (mobile) activity recording, invoicing and billing for all ground handling services that are provided. Billing is based on contracts between ground handlers and airlines, which cover the ground handling services, as well as on additional services defined in the contract (additionals). All services that go beyond the original contract are recorded as ad hoc services and will be billed based on the Published Tariff. Nothing is forgotten – and you increase your turnover.

For all the requirements of ground handling operations.

  • including Standard Ground Handling Agreement (SGHA) and Service Level Agreement (SLA) management
  • Mobile service recording with mobile devices or using the web terminal
  • Integrated flight planning at season and day level
  • Multi-station and multi-country capable
  • Integrated VAT handling
  • Certified Billing system
Ground Handling System

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Customer Success Story

AHS Aviation Handling Services

„EPG’s Ground Handling System (GHS) includes a powerful contract and billing management which integrates contractual conditions and flight data for automatic invoicing of all provided services. Since implementation, we have been able to significantly increase the billing of our handling charges.“

Amélie Charisius, Managing Director, AHS

Ground Handling System.

Modular design for a powerful comprehensive solution.

GHS is the comprehensive, efficient ground handling solution. To enable the system to exploit its full power, the features are precisely tailored to the needs of ground handling operations and our customers.

The picture shows an icon on seasonal flight planning

Everything comes to a grinding halt without constantly updated flight data. GHS is therefore based on integrated seasonal flight planning, which includes all tasks related to flight planning. GHS has various interface tools for this – such as IATA/AFTN messages, FHKD or airline systems – so that seasonal flight schedules can be created or imported for a defined period of time on a freely configurable user interface.

The picture shows an icon on daily flight planning

GHS automatically generates daily flight schedules from the seasonal flight planning data, which are required for planning and delivering ground handling operations. These are continuously updated and made available in real time via a connection to a local AODB or to SITA message readouts. Daily flight planning includes all basic flight data, such as scheduled departure and arrival times, aircraft data and parking positions, as well as operational data, such as delays and load data. All this is used as the basis for the invoicing of the handling services provided.

The picture shows an icon on contract management

Define service prices and billing rules with your customers. Save all aircraft-specific Basic Handling rates and irregularities according to SGHA. Our Ground Handling System GHS organizes all the arrangements and provides digital management of contracts, including the agreed conditions and catalogs of services. With maximum flexibility and to any degree of detail as well. The system has an integrated contract template manager which can be customized and which you can use to manage your SGHAs and SLA´s with all the AHM catalogs that are available digitally. The risk of errors is minimized right from contract creation. The result is a contract ready to be signed. The right contract is automatically assigned to the right flight. The contract management tool has an integrated approval workflow process as well, so that everyone who needs to be can be involved in the contract process.

The picture shows an icon on activity recording

GHS lets you record any activities and bill for flights and non-flight events, based on the handling services defined in the contracts and the applicable flight plan data. This data is imported and updated automatically from the daily flight schedule. All non-flight events can be created manually if required. GHS allows you to record activities directly at the point of service provision, e.g. with a mobile device on the apron or at a web terminal. All fees and prices are automatically calculated during the data entry process. At the same time, the system runs a comparison against the contractually defined prices and the actual flight data. Additional services are documented directly after they are entered and are included when it comes to billing.

The picture shows an icon on billing management

GHS automatically assigns the recorded services to the correct contract conditions. This is based on a commercial rulebook, which includes foreign currency management, VAT handling and other features. The invoice is then generated digitally and automatically for all handling services that have been provided, as well as the special services that have been recorded. GHS also supports automated billing runs for these services as well. Generated invoice documents can be printed out or sent to the customer by e-mail. GHS provides various electronic invoice formats, such as IATA SIS, digitizing the invoicing process with the customer throughout. The billing data is sent electronically via an interface to any connected ERP system. Your customer can then check the invoice very easily on the Airline Web Portal, speeding up the entire payment process, so you get your money more quickly. GHS has an integrated cash payer management with cash register function as well, so that the cash payment functionality, which is required at many airports to charge the airport and administration fees, is already integrated.

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Bill more services with GHS.

High-performance modules for cost-effective ground handling.

We provide powerful modules for ground handling companies and airports so that you can benefit from professional contract and billing management and seamlessly record and bill all services provided.

Airline Web Portal

Avoid incorrect invoices and the time-consuming process of correcting them. The generated invoice documents are provided to the customer on the Airline Web Portal in a transparent and clear way so that they can be checked, significantly reducing the need for customer queries. And ultimately getting your money more quickly.

Mobile Service Registration

GHS supports activity recording via mobile device. This means that employees can record activities directly on site, such as on the apron, ensuring that all the services you provided are actually recorded – and ultimately billed.

SITA Message Parser

Our Ground Handling System has all the interfaces and functions needed in the aviation sector to provide flight planning data. The SITA Message Parser is used to assign the various SITA message types to the flights and to read out and interpret the messages. It also makes more planning data available, such as the actual number of passengers. All the data together is the used to provide and bill the services.

Cash Payer Management

GHS has an integrated Cash Payer Management with cash register function. Thus, the system also covers the cash payment functionality that is required at many airports to establish the user fee and other charges. For a fast processing of the payment modalities - and all from one tool.

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