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Software solutions for aviation.

Is the aircraft going to land on time? How many passengers are on board? Are there enough personnel on site for baggage handling? What other services need to be provided for the aircraft to take off again on time? The aviation industry is made up of a large number of complex processes involving many different service providers. For everything to work together perfectly, you need software systems that significantly reduce the complexity of airport logistics and ground handling. Our aviation software delivers solutions for all parts of the chain, so that you can increase the efficiency of your processes and plan your processes. We also make sure that you really do bill for all the services you have provided, quickly and in full – so at the end of the day you are earning more money.


Staying economically efficient, even under time pressure: The challenges in the aviation industry

The aviation industry is a complex sector and under permanent cost pressure. After all, an aircraft is only making money when it is in the air. If aircrafts are on the ground for too long, airlines have to dig deep into their pockets, as unnecessary costs mount up. Delays are one of the most expensive factors in the aviation business. At the same time, passengers expect a pleasant time on board and smooth processes to handle their baggage, at check-in and after the arrival of their flight. All this requires perfect interaction between the airport, ground handlers and airport staff, as the only way to deliver this feat of logistics.

Aviation solutions for seamless processes.

  • Multi-station and multi-country capable
  • High availability and high performance in the cloud or on premises
  • Solutions in a modular structure
  • Easy to connect to third-party systems
  • Digital recording and billing of services
  • Compatible with any other aviation and logistics solutions

Ground Handling System.

EPG Ground Handling System GHS is our contract and billing management solution for ground handling at airports. Using the Ground Handling System, you can be sure you really are billing for all the services you have provided. Customers can also check invoices quickly and efficiently on the customer web portal in advance.

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Cargo Handling System.

Benefit from faster turnaround times and reliable processes - our Cargo Handling System informs you exactly where your cargo is at all times. Meet all your quality requirements, such as for sensitive goods, and handle inbound and outbound processes efficiently.

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Resource Management System.

Use our Resource Management System for the aviation industry to plan your staff rationally. Respond dynamically and flexibly to short-term changes to the flight schedule and create workforce and shift timetables quickly, accurately and digitally.

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Airport Handling System.

EPG AIRPORT is our billing management system for all airport fees. Whether using infrastructure or applying surcharges for night flights and flights on public holidays, stay transparent - the system automatically includes all parts of the contract in the billing process.

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On-time Performance App

Monitor all SLA-relevant processes to ensure compliance with on-time performance. Share process data in real time with your airline customers and keep the total control of your business.

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