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Warehouse Management Systems: Vital in Today’s Fast-Moving E-Commerce.

Are you satisfied with your picking speed? Is your stock management up to scratch? Are you looking to reduce the number of picking errors and mis-shipments? If the answer to these questions is yes, then look no further. The Ehrhardt Partner Group (EPG) provides you with a single, comprehensive Warehouse Management Software solution able to meet all your e-commerce needs. Based on over 30 years of experience, our state-of-the-art solution EPG's LFS is rich in features and configurable for your individual application, enabling you to make your warehouse operations safe, fast and flexible.

As a fully-integrated solution, LFS is also certified for use with ERP systems such as SAP, Oracle, AX, Sage and many more. We offer you a solution that ERPs cannot compete with.

Flexibility and transparency for e-commerce businesses.

Small-scale orders, short response times and high volumes of returns are the biggest challenges for e-commerce. Customers' expectations are also constantly increasing. Where as customers accepted waiting times for orders just a few years ago, they now demand next day delivery options as a matter of course. Flexibility and an optimized logistics structure are needed to meet the expectations of customers in the future. The challenge for many businesses is often to streamline the process workflows that have grown the most and adapt them to the requirements of e-commerce.

In this whitepaper you learn how a professional warehouse management system (WMS) delivers transparency in the warehouse and restructures order picking and the returns management processes.

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EPG | LFS in use for the e-commerce business at Mumzworld.

Inventory accuracy in E-commerce.

Complex logistics processes - but with 100 percent delivery reliability.

One of the main challenges in todays' E-Commerce business is that customers expect 100 percent delivery reliability - in B2B and B2C. That means in return: companies have to keep an eye on their stock levels at all times. For a maximum of performance in the warehouse and the companies' success inventory accuracy is absolutely necessary. If an order has been accepted but cannot be executed because the required goods are not in stock, are missing at the bin location or no longer meet the quality requirements, the business relationship with the customer can suffer lasting damage. How can you ensure 100 percent delivery reliability in your warehouse and for your E-Commerce business?

  • relay on a software controlled inventory management
  • get a maximum output and reduce mistakes in the picking process
  • profit from an excellent overview of stocks
  • no more searching for the needle in the haystack: every step is clearly documented
  • early warnings of bottlenecks thanks to a WMS
  • additional quality checks are easily integrated into the process of picking

Connecting all parts of the supply chain for maximum efficiency in E-Commerce.

Always keep in mind when it comes to E-Commerce logistic: The importance of connecting the different pieces for E-Commerce is becoming increasingly important for warehouse management systems into the future. For software development, we therefore focus in particular on connecting to other parts of the business and to service providers.

One comprehensive solution for e-commerce needs.

Industry-specific features and functions at a glance.

  • 20 - 25 % reduction of empty runs by using a transport control system
  • Increases the efficiency of logistics to comply with the delivery guarantee
  • Ready out-of-the-box for same day delivery
  • Implements an omnichannel strategy
  • Implements industry-specific functions, such as a fashion matrix and batch management
  • Manages value added services
  • Never out of stock (NOOS) function and greater transparency across the entire supply chain
  • Fast order processing workflow thanks to smart order consolidation

EPG | LFS Modules for the E-Commerce Sector.

  • Multi-order picking: 2-stage work packages
  • Pick-and-pack principle
  • Pick-by-Voice (PbV)
  • Integrated shipping system: connection of CEP providers
  • Resource Management
  • Transport Control System (TCS)
  • Effective Returns Management
  • Consolidation
  • Value Added Services (VAS)
In Focus.

Value added services and effective return management.

The use of Value Added Services (VAS) is becoming increasingly important for retailers and wholesalers alike, offering them the opportunity to stand out from the competition. With its special VAS module, LFS ensures performance of the required additional services and provides an overview of all upcoming activities, along with those already implemented. These actions may be carried out eithjer automatically or manually, with all additional activities printed on receipts, such as picking or loading lists.

Increased transparency in the warehouse makes dealing with possible returns a whole lot easier. With an average of one in ten online purchases returned - and this a rising trend - the effective management of returns has never been more important. EPG | LFS reintegrates returns into the logistical process, ensuring full control of the returns management cycle - from the inspection and verification of the returned item to its re-storage and the subsequent dispatch of the replacement product.



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