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Gartner Reports
Our Company in Dubai Logistics City Our Company in Dubai Logistics City

Ehrhardt Partner Group (EPG)
based in Dubai Logistics City since 2006.

Since September 2006 EPG has been present in Dubai and was the first company established in the Dubai Logistics City (Dubai South). The aim of the new branch of EPG is to implement state-of-the-art warehouse solutions and to integrate the latest technologies in warehouse logistics. Being in Dubai EPG is now closer to the market in Middle East, Africa and Asia and ensures local support.

On Location in Dubai Logistics City.

EPG has been present in Dubai since September 2006 and was the first company to become established in Dubai Logistics City. The objectives of the EPG - Ehrhardt Partner Group focus upon the implementation of state-of-the-art warehouse solutions and the integration of cutting-edge technologies in the warehouse logistics sector.

Its presence in Dubai has brought the EPG closer to the Middle East, African and Asian markets and puts us in a position to provide local support. We have dedicated project teams who carry out all the work for you: from assessing your needs and integrating the new system to improving your warehouse processes.


The EPG.

Globally connected – active around the world.

20 locations, 800 staff, more than 1,500 warehouse projects, and over 100,000 LFS users: companies around the world already enjoy the benefits of the excellent quality and cost-effectiveness of our supply chain solutions. What can we do for you?


Ehrhardt + Partner Solutions Italy

Phone: (+39) 347-237 58 46


  • Boppard-Buchholz
  • Bonn
  • Hamburg
  • Alzenau
  • Aachen
  • Dortmund
  • Frechen
  • Ehrhardt + Partner GmbH & Co. KG
    Alte Römerstraße 3
    D-56154 Boppard-Buchholz

    Phone: (+49) 67 42-87 27 0
    Fax: (+49) 67 42-87 27 50

    EPG - Ehrhardt + Partner Group Logo

  • Greenplan GmbH
    Rabinstraße 1
    D-53111 Bonn

    Tel: (+49) 228 18911599

  • Ehrhardt + Partner GmbH & Co. KG
    Auf dem Königslande 39
    D-22041 Hamburg

    Phone: (+49) 67 42-87 27 0
    Fax: (+49) 67 42-87 27 50

    EPG - Ehrhardt + Partner Group Logo

  • Ehrhardt + Partner GmbH & Co. KG
    Carl-Zeiss-Straße 1
    D-63755 Alzenau

    Phone: (+49) 67 42-87 27 0
    Fax: (+49) 67 42-87 27 50

    EPG - Ehrhardt + Partner Group Logo

  • topsystem GmbH
    Krefelder Straße 201
    D-52070 Aachen

    Tel: (+49) 241-568 262 0
    Fax: (+49) 241-568 262 10

    Logo topsystem

  • Ehrhardt + Partner GmbH & Co. KG
    Carlo-Schmid-Allee 13
    44263 Dortmund

    Tel: (+49) 67 42-87 27 0
    Fax: (+49) 67 42-87 27 50

    EPG - Ehrhardt + Partner Group Logo

  • LogSolution
    Europaallee 27
    D-50226 Frechen

    Tel: (+49) 22 34-99 09 61 0
    Fax: (+49) 22 34-99 09 61 1

    Logo LogSolution Frechen


  • Charlotte
  • Chicago
  • Dallas
  • EPG - Ehrhardt + Partner Group Logo

  • Ehrhardt + Partner Solutions US
    Tel: (+1) 704 927 1483

    EPG - Ehrhardt + Partner Group Logo

  • Ehrhardt + Partner Solutions US
    17505 Interstate Hwy 35W
    Northlake, TX 76262
    Tel: (+1) 704 927 1483

    EPG - Ehrhardt + Partner Group Logo


Ehrhardt + Partner Solutions S.L.
Calle Benet Mateu, 40
08034 Barcelona

Phone: (+34) 931 597 321
Fax: (+34) 932 057 221



Ehrhardt + Partner Solutions Limited
20 St Christopher's Way
Pride Park, Derby
DE24 8JY

Tel: +44 (0) 1332 546932




Ehrhardt + Partner Solutions AG
Platz 10
CH-6039 Root D4

Phone: (+41) 41-455 27 45
Fax: (+41) 41-455 27 49


Ehrhardt + Partner Solutions Sp. z o.o.
ul. Elektronowa 2 (Building – D, Floor – 3)
03-219 Warszawa

Phone: (+48) 22 104-63-00
Fax: (+48) 22 203 40 44

Czech Republic

Ehrhardt + Partner Solutions s.r.o.
Office Center Hradcanská, Building B, 5th Floor
Milady Horákové 116/109, Hradčany
160 00, Prague 6

Phone: (+420) 273 131 600
Fax: (+420) 273 131 650



Ehrhardt + Partner Solutions DWC-LLC
P.O. Box 644300
Dubai, UAE

Phone: (+971) 4-87 01 00 0
Fax: (+971) 4-87 01 05 0


Ehrhardt + Partner Solutions France


Ehrhardt + Partner Solutions Pty Ltd

Level 54, 111 Eagle St,



P. (+61) 2 7200 2558





〒153-0044 東京都目黒区





P: +52.55.6055.0211


EPG - Ehrhardt + Partner Group Logo


EPS - Ehrhardt + Partner Solutions Ges.mbH

Feldkirchner Straße 9
8054 Seiersberg-Pirka

EPG - Ehrhardt + Partner Group Logo
What we can do for you.

EPG's services at a glance.

EPG logistics software

The EPG Software Suite is the supply chain execution system for all your logistics needs. Using the LFS software system enables you to control the entirety of your logistics operations and materials flow across all industries, and whilst exploring the benefits of our modular design.

Voice picking in the warehouse

Lydia Voice Solutions innovative workflow performance technologies are fully configurable and designed specifically for the high noise warehouse and distribution center (DC) environment. Lydia Voice Solutions provides you superior voice recognition without old-fashioned voice template training and excels in multi-site operations. The result? Improved productivity with a 30% lower cost of ownership.

Private Cloud Solutions

We offer a secure and transparent private cloud solution for all your logistics data needs. The EPG will also guide you on your way as you enter the cloud. Get started now by optimizing your processes today, thanks to our CLOUD.

Logistics planning and consulting

Offering integrated approaches for sustainable and future-oriented logistics solutions that are inherently strategically planned and executed, the EPG is your expert for custom warehouse and logistics strategies. Learn more about our logistics planning and consulting.

Logistics Solution Center (LSC).

Experience the latest technology live.

The logistics center displays its highly modern equipment and furnishing live-application: From the radio frequency system with forklift and picking terminals via mobile printer and radio scanner to the PC workstation with barcode readable lists and label printer, with automatic warehousing units, such as shuttle and automatic inventory.

At the LSC, all current warehousing processes are experienced and tested in real-time. Naturally, this also applies to the leading warehouse management systems, which represent and support all inventory movements. Of course, the newest technologies, such as Pick-by-Voice, Pick-by-Light or RFID, are also included

The introduction of new warehouse management software requires qualified staff to ensure requirements are met. Our LSC in Dubai South puts us in a position to individually train your staff and bring them up to scratch, to help improve stock security and overall warehouse processes.

Latest hardware in use.

Test the latest hardware on site.

The range includes the well-known Zebra devices as well as all available accessories and spare parts. In addition there are handhelds, controllers, vehicle computers, scanners, printers, pick-by-light solutions, mobile workstations and much more. ...

  • Driverless transport system
  • Dispensing and take-away stations
  • For containers up to 25 KG
  • Zebra MC3300
  • Zebra TC20, TC51, TC70
  • Soredi forklift terminal SH10/SH12
  • Lydia Voxter® Elite Plus Edition
  • Lydia Voxter® Scan Elite Edition
  • Lydia® VoiceWear
  • Lydia® Headsets
  • EPG Order picking trolleys and strips
  • Put-to-Light solution for the multi-order order picking truck
  • Lexmark MS510dn
  • ZEBRA ZT410
  • ZEBRA ZT420
  • ZEBRA QLn 420
  • Accessories and consumables

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