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Resource Management

Plan your resources efficiently and flexibly

Greater efficiency in workforce planning - with our Aviation Resource Management System RMS.

Flight delays and cancellations at short notice, staff absences due to illness and holiday scheduling and individual shift planning - when it comes to the dynamic environment around ground handling at airports, reliable workforce deployment is crucial for smooth operations. With EPG's Aviation Resource Management System RMS, you benefit from efficient and flexible task allocation that automatically considers personnel qualifications and availabilities. Whether at the check-in counter, in baggage handling or refuelling an aircraft, our Aviation Resource Management Software lets you create workforce and shift schedules quickly, without errors and based on the stored employee master data, including qualification profiles. All increasing efficiency by up to 20 percent. Do you want to see for yourself? Talk to us!


Strong partner for a high-performance solution.

EPG's RMS (formerly: APHIS) was developed in close cooperation with our partner, AHS Aviation Handling Services. AHS is already using the software successfully. As one of the leading OPS and passenger service providers for airlines in Germany, AHS reduced unproductive workforce deployment times and increased efficiency by 20 percent with the solution, particularly in passenger handling and operations. The company currently uses the Aviation Resource Management System for the schedules of more than 3,500 employees at 10 locations.

Aviation Resource Management

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AHS Success Story

20 Percent Increase in Efficiency with
Demand-Oriented Resource Management

AHS Aviation Handling Services relies on EPG's Resource Management System (RMS)

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More transparency in staff planning.

Mobile Aviation Resource Management solutions.

Enter the digital world of workforce planning. Use our tools to manage your workforce efficiently – with greater satisfaction too.

Turnaround Manager (TAM) for maximum transparency

  • Our mobile app, the Turnaround Manager, provides each employee with all the specific tasks for the day in a digital format. By accepting and starting a task, the dispatcher has full transparency of the ground handling process at all times and can intervene directly if necessary.

RMS PRO (Personal Request Organizer) for greater employee satisfaction

  • By using the mobile app, you can actively involve your employees in the planning process. They can use the app to submit holiday and shift requests themselves, which can then be easily taken into account by your planner. Each employee gets his or her daily schedule with a list of upcoming tasks. Actively involving your employees increases employee satisfaction - and lets you plan with certainty.

Making complex planning processes simple.

As long-standing experts in the aviation sector, we know the requirements of ground handling down to the smallest detail. You can use our system to plan on a daily basis or for a planning overview of individual months. The Aviation Resource Management Software significantly simplifies the time-consuming and frequently error-prone manual creation of workforce and shift schedules. Benefit from the full range of functions:

Master data management

Staff planning is based on the stored employee master data. This includes, for example, the specific qualifications – including cross-qualifications – and the possible areas of deployment for each employee. The Aviation Resource Management System has integrated master data management, so this data is automatically included in the shift planning. The soft skills of individual employees, for example, can also be taken into account in planning.

Service Level Agreement (SLA)

RMS delivers reliable management of SLAs agreed with airlines, which contain all the tasks necessary to handle ground handling workforce deployment for a flight turnaround. You can use the stored information on employee qualification and the incoming flight data with the workforce planner to plan your workforce in a simple and intuitive way, and in advance - not just on the day of operation. This means each employee is assigned to precisely the task for which he or she is qualified.


Short-term flight plan changes, flight cancellations, delays and bottlenecks are unavoidable when it comes to day-to-day airport operations. The Aviation Resource Management System has drag-and-drop functionality so that you can change your plans quickly and easily, saving time and giving you the flexibility you need for ground handling.

Working hour and break models

Involve your employees actively in planning and automatically take into account specific working time and break models. The system also directly integrates preferences for assignment, absences and holidays, creating greater transparency throughout the Aviation Resource planning process. Employees can actively use the app to submit shift, holiday and absence requests themselves.

Holiday planning

As well as taking into deployment preference and documenting absences with ease, RMS also has a sophisticated holiday planning system. This is based on the definition of a minimum workforce level per qualification and a sophisticated points system, prioritising holiday requests easily and transparently. Defined rules, such as from and until when holiday request can be made, as well as a rights management system, make administration easier too.

Demand-oriented resource planning

RMS enables flexible and demand-oriented resource planning. With task allocation, the qualifications and availabilities of employees during absences and vacations are automatically taken into account.

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