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Consulting Suite

The Online Optimization Platform

EPG Consulting Suite - the online optimization platform for logistics.

The Consulting Suite is the first online optimization platform for logistics. The web application gives customers the unique capacity to optimize their existing logistics and warehouse processes themselves in an attractive interface - anytime and anywhere. For more flexibility, quick suggestions for optimization and long-term results.

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Test the Consulting Suite now.

Optimize processes yourself

  • Powerful apps for fast and intuitive logistics optimization
  • Instant analysis and clear recommendations for action
  • Available at all times and everywhere - optimize anytime and anywhere

Stay cost-effective

  • Cost savings from very first use
  • Transparent and predictable costs instead of high one-off costs
  • Flexible pricing model tailored to your needs

For long-term success

  • Long-term benefits instead of one-off advice
  • Access to completed analyses – and therefore even more accurate forecasts
  • Always up-to-date – you get all updates free of charge
Digital solution for short-term process optimization.

Become the logistics consultant yourself.

Discover the features of the Consulting Suite for yourself. The online tool is constantly growing - if you don't see an application you would like, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are always happy to provide advice for your specific needs. Below are some of the highlights of the Consulting Suite for you:

You can use the Consulting Suite to analyze your shopping baskets quickly and for yourself. Simply load your data to the web application and identify the items that are frequently ordered together. You will also immediately get a recommendation on how to adapt the warehouse structure, e.g. to reduce picking distances, saving you time - and ultimately money as well.

Take the opportunity to run a center of gravity analysis, which will help you to identify the optimal warehouse site, based on your supplier and customer structure and given quantities. Use the Consulting Suite app to get results quickly. In practice, that means a significant reduction in the average distance to your end customers - for substantial time-savings.

Stock optimization involves analyzing and optimizing your stock levels. The app identifies potential for reducing inventory, such as slow-moving items, and reduces inventory costs based on stock levels and sales. You can also get stock forecasts using predictive analytics methods.

Of course, we are not on your own when using the Consulting Suite. Our web interface has tutorials on all the functions of the Consulting Suite, so you can learn how to use the individual applications. If required, you can also always call on the expertise of EPG's logistics consultants and take advantage of "consulting on demand".

Do you need a personal consultation? Our experts are also available at short notice. Please contact us!

Success Stories

Satisfied customers are what motivate our actions.

The Jeremias Group, headquartered in Wassertrüdingen in Bavaria, is one of the world's leading manufacturers of flue and chimney systems for private, commercial and industrial applications. Using the Consulting Suite, the company analyzed and assessed the item structure at its warehouse. Based on the results, Jeremias was able to identify the optimum storage bin structure - and reduce picking routes by 15% as a result, saving the company up to 9 minutes per hour.

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Koopman is one of the largest international logistics service providers and importers for supermarket goods, DIY stores, garden centers and department stores of all kinds. The company used to Consulting Suite to simulate stock optimization for a future logistics concept. Pre-defined scenarios and an analysis of item stock levels were used to optimize stock levels per item over time. The storage capacity was also adjusted and the floor space change to optimize item stocks.

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Wibit Sports is the "creator" of the waterpark industry. To identify the optimum warehouse site for all items in the USA, Wibit Sports used the Site Planning app to analyze its own supplier and customer structure and the quantities in its orders. The tool then used the data to calculate the best site, reducing the average distance to end customers by 40% as a result. That translates into cost savings of up to 20% per year for deliveries to customers.

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Benefit from the advantages of the Consulting Suite Test now without obligation

Intuitive and easy to use.

The Consulting Suite gives you an overview of the available applications on the homepage. After you have chosen the specific app you need, simply upload your existing data in the next step - and see the clearly presented results. Become a logistics consultant yourself - it's as easy as that!

1. Select app and load data

1. Select app and load data

2. Set parameters and start analysis

2. Set parameters and start analysis

3. Get results and recommendations

3. Get results and recommendations

Consulting Suite.

Below are some of the interfaces we support for importing data:

Do you have any questions? We are here to help.

Here are answers to our most frequently asked questions. If you need further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us directly at any time.

The Consulting Suite is the first online optimization platform for logistics. It allows customers to run analyses and optimizations for their logistics themselves - without having to launch an often lengthy consulting project. Whether heat map or shopping basket analysis, identifying the optimum site, stocktaking or inventory simulation, the features of the web application can be adjusted to your specific needs. Of course, the experts from EPG CONSULTING are available to answer all your questions.

The Consulting Suite turns customers into consultants. Working with your data, you can run logistics and warehouse optimizations quickly, reliably and efficiently yourself, without having to call in a logistics consultant. The solution is also scalable and therefore cost-effective. The solution also helps to implement a long-term optimization strategy.

Our pricing model is flexible. You can use the Consulting Suite on a subscription plan, which gives you access to all functions. Or you can enable specific functions to suit your needs and then you only pay for what you need. Just get in touch!

You get unique login details for the Consulting Suite. The Suite is then fully intuitive to use. Select the app you need on the web interface. Then upload your data via the interface or manually. You then have the opportunity to set your custom parameters and start the analysis at the click of a button. You get the results immediately - including recommendations for action for your optimization strategy. Become a logistics consultant and test the Consulting Suite yourself.

EPG CONSULTING is available as a consultant and for support at all times. Just contact us via the contact form. Or give us a call at: (+49) 67 42-87 27 0.

Turning data into decisions.

Consulting Suite.

The online optimization platform for supply chain.
Become a consultant yourself.

Optimisation in three steps.