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EPG | LFS: Because we love food! EPG | LFS: Because we love food!

The Food Industry needs a reliable
Warehouse Management System.

Are you happy with your inventory management? How many errors and mis-shipments do you have in a month? Are you throwing away old products?

EPG provides you with a state of the art EPG ONE™ Warehouse Management Software (LFS) to make your warehouse operations safe, fast and flexible. Based on our 30 years of experience, LFS is rich in features and configurable for your individual application. Our Warehouse Management Software is fully integrated and certified with ERP systems like SAP, Oracle, AX, Sage and many more.
We offer you a solution, which an ERP can not compete with. Convince yourself!

Your advantages using LFS in Food Logistics

  • Real-Time Traceability
  • Best-Before Date Management
  • Proof of Delivery
  • Product Recall
  • Quality Check
  • Temperature Zone Management

Live Demo in our Logistics Solutions Center (LSC)

LuLu Hypermarket Case Study
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We are your WMS experts.

Contact us for a LFS Live-Demo in our LSC in Dubai or online. Get a full understanding of our Supply Chain Execution System. Take away information form our experts to apply in your warehouse.

Our esteemed Customer's Feedback on our solution

LuLu Hypermarket is already profiting from our Warehouse Management Software: EPG | LFS. Download the free case study to read up on their experience with our solution.

We are your WMS experts.

Contact us for a LFS Live-Demo in our LSC in Dubai or online. Get a full understanding of our Supply Chain Execution System. Take away information form our experts to apply in your warehouse.

Why Food Logistics needs to upgrade to LFS.

Tracing goods issues, stock inaccuracy and wasted goods

You have no status report, no online synchronization and no tracking options? Your stock is not accurate due to weight of goods, so your buying units do not correspond with your selling units (kg vs. pieces)? You are facing wasted goods due to incomplete information on best-before dates or customer specific remaining shelf life?


  • is able to trace goods in real-time
  • provides Weight and Catch Management
  • masters a precise Best-Before Date Management
  • produces data that allows you to generate forecasts

Picking errors, fragile goods and loading goods

A specific challenge in Food Logistics is the protection of fragile goods. Either the worker is highly skilled and knows product specific criterias or a lot of errors are to be expected. In addition to that, multiple reorganizings of goods need to be done due to specific customer packing instructions. Picking errors are happening on a daily basis due to non-used information about various sales units of goods (e.g. single unit, carton, big box, pallets). Also the wrong assignment of goods to physical locations leads to quality issues.


  • features Temperature Zone Management
  • includes fragile goods handling
  • optimizes picking sequences
  • handles different sales units

Product quality, hygiene and contamination risks

The food industry is facing strict requirements of legal nature, but also has to comply to several customer standardizations in the international logistics market. Plus: In case of quality issues, food companies are too slow to recall goods and facing consequences of liability.


  • has flexible barcoding solutions
  • a customizable quality control process
  • and an integrated recall process
  • is supporting the IFS and GS1 requirements

Logistic Standardization

  • LFS is supporting the IFS and GS1 label requirements
  • Configurable barcode printing is an integrated LFS solution
  • The quality check is executed without interrupting the operations due to the customizable quality control processes
  • Product recalls are fully handled with LFS on many segmentation levels like country of origin, supplier, lot number, etc. until the latest point of loading

Supply Chain Visibility

  • Accurate deliveries are fulfilled through precise Best-Before Date Management which includes expiration date, shelf life and FEFO
  • LFS provides real-time traceability throughout the entire Supply Chain including the Proof of Delivery
  • The Weight Management ensures stock accuracy
  • Forecasts are generated by analyzing historical, current and trend data tracked by LFS using EPG ONE Analytics (TIMESQUARE)

Warehouse Operations

  • LFS optimizes the unloading process at the point of sales through specific picking sequences
  • Fragile goods attributes are used to build the right packing structure
  • You can handle different sales units (kg, pieces) across all processes
  • LFS manages the temperature zoning and the item location dependencies, e.g. frozen goods in the right temperature zone

Real-Time Traceability



Best-Before Date Management



Picking accuracy


EPG | LFS in use

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