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Gartner Reports
Three warehouse employees wear a Lydia VoiceWear vest for voice directed picking in the warehouse.
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Smarter connected logistics with Lydia® Voice solutions.

Lydia® Voice Solutions innovative workflow performance technologies are fully configurable and designed specifically for the high noise environment of warehouses, distribution centers (DCs), production facilities and similar industrial surroundings.

The Lydia® Voice Solutions offers a wide range of voice-guided operations for intralogistics, manufacturing, service and maintenance, and quality assurance. Stay flexible with this technologically advanced, world-leading voice system when using voice picking, check-by-voice, voice&vision, or when using Lydia® VoiceWear®. Find out here about our solutions, ranges of use, and example applications.

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Information on Lydia® Voice solutions.

Lydia® Voice vs. other voice solutions.

Over the past decade the voice market has changed considerably, and customers are the real winners as voice technology offerings have made tremendous strides.

Researching voice solution providers has become a more difficult task these past few years as there has never been such a strong field of available distribution center and warehouse voice options. But only two viable global voice solutions for the warehouse and distribution market have emerged from the pack – Lydia® Voice being one of them.

Success Story.

SIMBA DICKIE GROUP changes pick by voice provider.

The SIMBA DICKIE GROUP no longer needed to be convinced of the advantages of a Pick by Voice solution: The toy manufacturer has been equipping its main logistics centre with the technology since 2010. The people responsible were therefore aware that voice-controlled order picking leads to a significant reduction in errors and that the work processes are faster for the employees.

After switching to the Pick by Voice solution Lydia® from EPG, the group of companies experienced a big surprise: a further productivity increase of 11 percent. This was made possible by the use of the ergonomic order picking vest Lydia® VoiceWear® and the intelligent functionalities of state-of-the-art technology.

Lydia® Voice solution used by SIMBA DICKIE.

  • Over one-million voice picks per year
  • Using SAP eWM with Lydia® Voice
  • 50% of workers using Lydia® VoiceWear®
  • Lydia® Voice has provided an 11% improvement vs. previous voice solution (a nice surprise)
  • Transitioned to Lydia® Voice in 2017 after using other voice provider since 2010
  • New and seasonal workers no longer require voice template training (and eliminated monthly voice retraining)

Greater Functionality

  • Near identical core voice functionality
  • Modern neural network driven voice recognition  engine to address difficult dialects and accents
  • Expanded workflow capabilities that adds value to existing WMS and empowers voice workers
  • Excel in high-transaction operations
  • Enterprise SiteSwitcher for multi-site management
  • Multiple proof points on customer replacements
  • Unique Lydia VoiceWear eliminates headsets

More Efficient

  • No voice training required
  • Support for daily and seasonal workforce
  • Less complex integration-days, not months
  • Greater affordability for additional workflows
  • Support for leading Android devices
  • Supports multiple headset options
  • Easier to do business with
  • Greater customer "independence"

Better Value

  • No software license transfer fee
  • Reduced "spares pool"
  • Greater flexibility for growing businesses
  • Greater affordability for smaller locations
  • Lower costs for support and maintenance
  • Better TCO
Stay flexible.

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