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Technical competence for your logistics requirements.

Are you in search for a warehouse management system, or do you need assistance selecting an industry-specific solution? In our white papers, we have gathered all the important information on this and other topics. Is anything missing? Just get in touch!

Recommendations when selecting a WMS

Recommendations when selecting a WMS

The demands placed on warehouse management systems have never been higher. Organizing a warehouse has come to be only one of many aspects of its core functionality. Today, warehouse management systems support both the corporate management team and the control system of a company’s entire logistics operations. Warehouse management systems make logistics processes transparent, thereby allowing users to analyze and optimize them. This guideline includes a host of useful information and tips that will support you in making the best possible decision in terms of selection.

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WMS - External or internal Solution?

That is the “million dollar question,” suggests Patti Satterfield, Head of Marketing at Fortna Inc, an international logistics company. Like most companies faced with the decision of selecting a suitable warehouse management system (WMS), it is a question she needs answered. On the one hand, there are systems that are included in ERP packages. On the other hand, there is a wide range of providers who have accumulated specialist knowledge and developed a warehouse management system (WMS). One of the most common WMS solutions is E+P’s LFS warehouse management system. We will be happy to help you decide ...

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Three Steps to Greater Shipping Efficiency

Large shipment volumes, many carriers with different specifications, rising transport costs and a positive delivery experience - the challenges in shipping logistics are many and varied in all industries. A software solution that optimises and fully automates shipping can help.

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Route planning with time-dependent travel times

With route planning, effectiveness (time) and efficiency (total cost) are of the utmost importance to ensure that your drivers and technicians to reach their destination at the desired ETA while also keeping your drivers and clients happy and saving valuable money for your entire operations. However, there is one crucial time related aspect that is often overlooked when planning routes: the actual traffic flow velocity at different locations and times of the day in a delivery area. Learn more!

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Guide to choosing the right voice solution

Voice systems have been viewed for several years now as the perfect human-machine interface. A high level of employee acceptance along with ease of use are just as important as cost-effectiveness. If you have already decided to deploy voice technology the following white paper from the German Institut für Angewandte Warehouse-Logistik (IAW) provides an overview of what you need to consider when choosing a provider. It provides a detailed checklist as a guide to help you choose.

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Digital consulting solutions

This white paper provides an overview of the status quo of the market with regard to the use of digital consulting solutions. We explain what a system has to offer in order to identify short-term as well as long-term optimization options for companies. You will also learn how you can become your own logistics consultant in a few steps to open up previously hidden cost potentials.

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All change in the last mile

The last mile is a challenge. What ways are there to optimize the delivery process? What role does digitalization play in all this? And what scenarios could soon be reality? This white paper provides an overview of the current situation for the last mile, discusses alternative delivery options and takes a look into the future.

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Digitizing master data and optimizing processes

If you want to increase the efficiency of your logistics processes, generate savings and minimize errors, you have to rely on smart solutions to enter, evaluate and share your master data. We explain what master data is and the data you need and provides some tips to set your company on course for functional master data management. You can also download our checklist, included with the whitepaper, and find out right now how well you are doing with master data entry and analysis for your logistics processes!

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Flexibility and transparency for e-commerce

Cross-channel shopping experiences are now the norm for customers. Experts see omnichannel buying options in particular as the sales models of the future. Many online shoppers already take for granted that goods ordered via e-commerce can be exchanged and returned in store. From a logistics perspective, the omnichannel trend is a real challenge. It is an even greater challenge, given that logistics is typically not a core area of expertise in manufacturing and retail companies. Read this white paper to find out more about efficient warehouse management with LFS for e-commerce.

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Successful order picking
in four steps.

This white paper provides not only an overview of the current state of picking systems as predominantly employed in e-commerce and mail order businesses but also explains how, from an operational perspective, these systems should and can be used in the most efficient way. Here, preventative measures to avoid picking errors are key in order to increase quality and reduce costs. Furthermore, this white paper also highlights measures and strategies for avoiding errors while providing you with a specific plan of action to implement potentials. Find out more ...

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Study: Logistics 4.0 in warehouse logistics.

We can deal with one outcome of the study straight away - the potential of Logistics 4.0 is far from exhausted. The survey, conducted by the Ehrhardt + Partner Group, highlights the tension that companies are currently dealing with. On the one hand, there is real willingness to invest in new technologies to drive forward networking in the warehouse. On the other hand, the concrete economic benefit for most is still unclear. This is our starting point, where we need to show companies the solutions that are possible to make their logistics strong and prepared right now for the networked future of tomorrow. The independent logistics consultants at Ehrhardt + Partner Consulting (EPC) provide an overview of the available options. Find out more ...

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[Translate to AE-english:] Logistik als Kerngeschäft: die Getränkebranche

Logistics as a core business:
the beverage industry.

Many logistics innovations have come out of the beverage industry and have turned into an established standard. The beverage industry depends on distribution and relies heavily on logistical workflow processes. At the same time, beverage manufacturers and distributors have the same basic requirements that dominate other economic areas. Consequently, many businesses have invested in their own logistics operations or have carried out projects to improve their logistics. Many IT or logistics managers working in the beverage industry, for instance, say they wouldn’t even be able to maintain operations without the help of a warehouse management system such as LFS. Find out more ...

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Reliable And Efficient Inventory Management.

Do you actually know how many items are currently in your warehouse? Have you ever had delivery problems because a product was suddenly out of stock? Do you sometimes invest a lot of time in searching for items in your warehouse? If one of these situations seems familiar to you, then you belong to those companies that should deal with the subject of stock accuracy.

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LYDIA® - The smart voice assistant

Every day the demands faced by logistics specialists all over the world are increasing. The pressure to continuously optimise in the sector is relentless. Intralogistics processes require increased speed and at the same time maximum price effectiveness. In this agile and demanding environment, voice solutions such as Lydia® have proven their value and over the years have become the generally accepted standard. This white paper examines the origins of voice solutions, provides an overview of current areas of application and target industries, and touches on future development.

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