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Warehouse management with SAP Warehouse management with SAP

Simple integration – using the warehouse management software (LFS).

When it comes to selecting the right warehouse management software, the matter of system interfaces is also of crucial importance. The more extensive and complex the connection to your existing SAP system, the greater the efforts needed when programming the interface. Here, LFS offers the missing piece of the puzzle in your SAP ecosystem. LFS and SAP are linked via an SAP system interface, thereby reducing programming efforts to a minimum. The definition of the data contents as used by the individual IDocs is carried out in coordination with the customer and the SAP consulting firm. As per the terms of certification, the interface is ready for immediate use once the appropriate configuration settings have been made.

Warehouse Management with SAP interface.

The warehouse management system (LFS) offered by EPG received its certification by SAP as supplementary SAP R/3 add-on software back in 1997. The system interface is also re-certified in regular intervals in accordance with the rules and regulations of SAP AG, thereby ensuring that the interface remains highly configurable in terms of the IDocs and data contents used and that additional programming efforts to comply with individual customer needs become necessary in only the rarest of cases.

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