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Electronics Electronics

A wide range of products with many variations, plus maximum availability: these are the requirements of the electronics industry

From light switches to cable reels to electrical cabinets: the electronics industry requires both a broad product portfolio and various price ranges to be managed. The orders received are just as manifold, with branch stores, contractors, trade operations, etc. having a wide variety of needs, ordering different quantities, and requiring the products at specific times. Many orders involving small parts necessitate extreme flexibility on the part of the Warehouse-Management-Systems employed, and perfectly synchronized processes are essential to guarantee success. This is where LFS comes in. The system handles specific functions such as cross docking, serial number handling, and cable reel management in an optimized fashion. With LFS, you’re on the safe side – especially when it comes to high-cost items.


Six e-commerce and mail-order businesses – one LFS.

One comprehensive solution for individual needs.

Industry-specific features and functions at a glance.


  • Managing cable reels and cut/trimmed wires
  • Avoiding unnecessary waste
  • Reducing returns by maintaining a high level of quality
  • Optimized path management inside the warehouse
  • Cross docking function for small-part and time-critical deliveries

In the spotlight.

Cable reel management.

Making optimum use of the potential a warehouse has to offer: in the electronics industry, this also includes efficient cable reel management. Unnecessary waste and excess material come at a high cost. E+P has already acquired comprehensive experience in the area of cable reel management. Do not allow excess leftover material to turn into a money pit! Here is an example solution: orders are imported from an upstream ERP system, and the specifically ordered cable reel is made available at the optimum cable length required, thereby reducing unneeded waste to a minimum. This also results in a lower rate of returns since incorrect deliveries are avoided.