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Anaxco and Greenplan working together

The aim of the partnership between Greenplan and Anaxco is to combine efficiency, user-friendliness and innovative technologies. With Greenplan, EPG has a routing solution in its portfolio that is a perfect match for Anaxco’s state-of-the-art transport management system (TMS). The two companies have been collaborating since last year to offer their customers an innovative all-in-one solution for simple and efficient route planning. Another key component of their partnership is the expansion of EPG’s Greenplan Engine. This should help to ensure that customers are always able to benefit from the solution’s latest developments.



Integrated solution for efficient transport management

Rising toll costs and higher cost pressure in general are posing challenges to transport and logistics companies. On top of this, many transport firms are still working with outdated software. Anaxco is a partner that – like EPG and its Greenplan tool – focuses on ensuring it offers high-quality, flexible software solutions that remain cutting edge. With its CargoSuite, Anaxco offers flexible dispatch software as a cloud solution that can be accessed anywhere. The state-of-the-art TMS features comprehensive workflows and rules that simplify logistics work considerably. Alongside cyber security, the automation of handling processes is a focus of CargoSuite, for example. “From generating a quote and reviewing an order to billing and business intelligence analysis, the process is checked, regulated and supported by the system on an end-to-end basis,” says Dietmar Haveloh from Anaxco. “These ‘no-touch’ orders ease the burden on employees and ensure high quality.


And Greenplan Engine is a perfect match for this.” Another advantage of CargoSuite is that customers can use a clearly structured and secure web portal to view all relevant information concerning orders. It also allows for the continuous tracking and tracing of all participating transport networks and partners. And Greenplan builds on these benefits: “Our goal is to offer our customers sustainable added value. In this context, we have developed a solution with Anaxco that delivers simplified route optimisation and can be seamlessly integrated into Anaxco’s CargoSuite,” says Florian Merget, Managing Director for Greenplan at EPG. “With our Greenplan Engine, we currently offer one of the most cutting-edge routing algorithms on the market. Customers report of having increased route planning efficiency by up to 20% due to their vehicles being intelligently allocated to tours. This also helps to reduce CO2 emissions considerably. Greenplan also helps to increase the punctuality of tours by up to 98%. Paired with the CargoSuite TMS, our customers can therefore benefit from an innovative all-in-one package for their transport management.”

The companies plan to successively step up their collaborative processes this year. This will include jointly reaching more customers through sales activities.