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Transporter Transporter


A transporter is a motor vehicle that is used to transport goods. Going from the basic meaning of the word, this category also includes ships, aircraft and railways. Colloquially, however, the term only refers to road vehicles.


Specifically, a distinction is made between small and large transporters, with the former belonging to the passenger car category and the latter already in the light lorry category. With regard to the total weight of the vehicle, the range is between 3.5 and 7.5 tonnes, which is why the regular German B driving licence is no longer sufficient for driving such a vehicle. Transporters are frequently used both privately and commercially.

In logistics, transporters are a standard part of every company's transport fleet alongside regular lorries. In the definitional sense, they belong to the technical means of transport logistics. They are optimally suited for the transport of general cargo. Companies that additionally use a route planning system coordinate all vehicles and thus perfectly tailor their warehouse to the road.

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