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[Translate to Dutch:] [Translate to GB-English:] Das Bild zeigt Wasserflaschen von Rhönsprudel

RhönSprudel Guarantees IFS Logistic Standard.

MineralBrunnen RhönSprudel Egon Schindel GmbH entirely fulfills the logistic standard introduced at the end of June, the IFS Logistic Standard: This result came about thanks to the experts of the FRESENIUS INSTITUTE who tested the company and other companies belonging to the RhönSprudel Group against up to 98 criteria within the framework of a corresponding certification process. In order to fulfil this catalogue of requirements without any noticeable additional expenditure, RhönSprudel relies on a correspondingly designed warehouse management system – the LFS 400 Warehouse Management System from Ehrhardt Partner Group. The software solution optimally supports all processes required in the IFS logistic audit.

[Translate to Dutch:] A refreshment for the warehouse.

The introduction of the IFS Logistic Standard means that a watertight quality assurance is possible throughout the entire production and supply chain of MineralBrunnen RhönSprudel Egon Schindel GmbH. Among other focal points, the new standard specialises in processes like goods handling (first in, first out) and batch traceability. In the LFS 400 warehouse management system, retrieval strategies such as FIFO can be defined and modified accordingly to the individual requirements. Batch traceability is automatically guaranteed by the system. The data necessary for these processes, such as Best Before Date (BBD) and batch number are recorded at goods-in at MineralBrunnen RhönSprudel GmbH and passed on to and documented in the stock data. „The IT supported processes of the LFS 400 warehouse management system are optimally adapted to the needs of producing companies like RhönSprudel, but also to trade and logistic service providers. The processes contribute decisively to the fact that movement and storage of goods are no longer weak points of quality management and new quality standards such as the current IFS Logistic Standard are fulfilled“, explains Marco Ehrhardt, executive associate of Ehrhardt + Partner. „Our warehouse management system ensures transparent and continuous traceability of goods as well as optimum handling of the stored goods.“


Ehrhardt Partner Group

Ehrhardt Partner Group is the leading expert for warehouse logistics at an international level. Founded by Hermann Ehrhardt in 1987, EPG has developed into an internationally active group of companies with more than 100 employees at four locations. Company solutions are currently being employed successfully on five different continents. Together with the group subsidiaries, Ehrhardt Partner Group offers integrated total solutions for warehouse logistics from one source. Conceived for professional use in practice, all products are subject to ongoing development to keep them at the highest standard. This is why the products distinguish themselves with a very high level of quality offering the customer security for the future and their investments. The product range of the EPG incorporates the LFS 400 warehouse management system, pick-by-voice as well as wireless data solutions, material flow computers, individual customer specific solutions and warehouse seminars. Throughout the world, customers of EPG value the sound warehouse related advice, the extensive expert knowledge of warehouse logistics, professional project management, short project run-times, on-time commissioning and reliable support. There are currently more than 260 customers from all industries on the list of references for the Group.