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e-learning at the LFS.academy.

Customers around the globe: In the age of digitization and connectivity, it is increasingly important to make training available anywhere and anytime. This is why the Ehrhardt + Partner Group (EPG) now has an e-learning platform at its LFS.academy. Combined with the state-of-the-art Logistics Solution Center (LSC 4.0), the platform from the logistics experts delivers a comprehensive package, linking theoretical content with practical elements.

New concept for training anytime, anywhere.

“Our customers and partners are now spread all around the world. Our new e-learning program now gives them the opportunity to learn on their own and at their own pace,” says Michael Münch, Customer Service Director at EPG. LFS.academy provides training videos as a practical way of illustrating theoretical content. An online forum is also planned, where E+P employees will answer questions interactively. Whether customers attend training courses in person at the LFS.academy in Boppard-Buchholz or join the e-learning program, they will all benefit from the innovative new training concept. Training content - ranging from the LFS beginner's course through expert level training to technical system or customer-specific courses - can be tailored to meet specific customer requirements. The modular design of the training concept ensures maximum flexibility.


LSC 4.0: Digitization and connectivity in practice

To provide the ideal combination of theory and practice, the comprehensive training package includes practical training at the Logistic Solution Center (LSC), provided by the LFS.academy. To meet the current requirements for future-proof logistics, E+P has recently modernized the LSC in Boppard-Buchholz. In addition to 1:1 mapping of all processes in the warehouse, the LSC gives access to new technologies for hands-on practice too. In addition to the Lydia® pick-by-voice solution, technologies include various different assistance systems, such as Smart Watch and Smart Glasses. Smart devices such as smartphones and tablets are also available for picking. Robotic and state-of-the-art bin solutions are installed in the new LSC as well. Customers therefore get the chance to test for themselves what technologies are best suited to their individual requirements.


See www.lfs.academy for all information about LSC 4.0 and e-learning.