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Resource management:
Plan human resource capacity ahead of orders.

Plan and optimally manage resources ahead of orders: Ehrhardt + Partner (E+P) adds the resource management module to the LFS software suite to automate human resource capacity planning on the basis of the specific order volume. The new function automatically calculates human resource deployment and manages human resources in relation to existing order volumes. This gives companies the competitive edge thanks to the benefits of an improved ability to deliver and maximum planning certainty.

New LFS Module.

The new resource management module has been designed by E+P to meet demand for an up-to-date, future-proof planning system for all available human resource capacity in the warehouse. How many orders are currently being processed? Have all resources been assigned efficiently? Where is there need for optimization? The module dynamically visualizes all available resources in real time based on the current order volume, saved shift schedules, the qualifications of employees and the number of available employees. Under critical conditions, for example, human resource planning can be dynamically adapted per section at any time. LFS also automatically identifies the required process steps per order, such as picking, packing and shipping, and the applicable time to process each step. The final outcome is that all sub-steps are planned accuately and you get a completely transparent overview of the time for processing and the current status of each order. This continuous overview of all available resources at all times gives you maximum process transparency. The underlying technical architecture is also so flexible that the process can be enhanced at any time. New employees and new qualification parameters can be added with the same flexibility, making work significantly easier for managers, when planning human resources.


Christoph Cirkel, Manager for Logistic Consulting at E+P, sums up all the benefits: "The LFS resource management module meets all the requirements for smart and transparent human resource capacity planning. It gives our customers maximum planning certainty and significantly improves their ability to deliver." Future plans include linking resource management to LFS.analytics to use historical data and past experience to optimize planning. Linking the two modules would also make predictive human resource planning possible.