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The Gini button from EPG.

The Gini button from the Ehrhardt + Partner Group (EPG) brings to logistics the flexibility of a freely configurable kanban system. The latest innovation from EPG digitizes and optimizes replenishment procurement e.g. of consumables or items that are not system-guided. The Gini button can be integrated seamlessly into logistics process chains and easily connected to the existing system infrastructure.

Digital kanban system for logistics.

Gini is EPG's dash button for logistics. Gini operates as a digitalized kanban system, as another step forward for networking, digitalization and automation in logistics. The button can be freely configured by the user and can be used for every conceivable process. Pressing the button triggers a previously defined event or action and starts a process, such as replenishment management.

The Gini button is easily integrated into existing IT infrastructure via WLAN. It is particularly attractive thanks to great flexibility and mobility. Gini can be used in the warehouse wherever it is required for the corresponding process. When conditions change, it is simply placed in a different location. The button demonstrably increases efficiency and speeds up warehouse processes by connecting employees to the control center and digitizing the reporting process.


Large number of potential applications

The solution is time-efficient and intuitive to use. When required, users simply press the button to start a previously defined process in the LFS.wms warehouse management system or in another higher-level system. The button is very flexible when it comes to the defined process – whether replenishment management for consumables, managing gates, quality management for temperature-controlled goods or an action for automated guided vehicles.


Potential applications of the Gini button in logistics

Replenishment management

Availability of a certain product is coming to an end? Gini can run replenishment, such as of consumables or items that are not system-guided, right from the required point of use at the touch of a button. The Gini button is simply attached to the shelf location, for example, within easy reach, saving time in the logistics center. The control center receives a message in real time, which users can send easily and automatically by pressing the button. Replenishment is therefore always in good time, before bottlenecks of material or items occur. One example: when the labels in the label printer are running out, Gini can be used to order more labels in good time. This process can also be used in production. The same applies to consumables of any kind – especially consumables that are not managed by the system.


Quality management

Quality management of temperature-controlled products is another application for the Gini button. A possible scenario: pressing the button located directly at goods receipt, the truck driver confirms that the sensitive goods are being transferred into the warehouse. The driver presses the button again once the task has been completed. This makes it easy to measure how long the cold chain has actually been interrupted. Gini therefore ensures maximum quality of the sensitive products.


Automated Guided Vehicles

Automated guided vehicles (AGVs) are now in use in many warehouses. Employees can use the Gini button to notify the AGV that loading material is ready for pick-up at a pick-up point. This eliminates the need to acquire and install expensive IT infrastructure and additional hardware, saving on costs and speeding up the processes.