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EPG at LogiMAT 2023

Compensating the driver shortage, optimising route planning, reducing fuel consumption and achieving CO2 targets: The focus of Ehrhardt Partner Group’s appearance at the LogiMAT trade fair will be Greenplan, the latest solution in the EPG ONE Supply Chain Execution Suite. Greenplan is currently one of the most efficient route planning solutions, helping companies from a wide range of industries to overcome typical challenges related to distribution logistics, such as high costs, missed time slots and the under-utilization of capacity. At LogiMAT 2023 (stand A71, hall 8), EPG will be informing visitors about the award-winning route planning concept with overlapping districts.  The logistics experts will also be demonstrating how the analysis of traffic flow speeds at different times of day can be used to increase adherence to agreed delivery times (ETAs) to over 97%. Additional products that will be showcased include the multi-carrier shipping software ISS (International Shipping System) in combination with CnB (Contract and Billing) and WFM (workforce management system).

Sustainable and efficient route planning in distribution logistics

At this year’s LogiMAT, EPG will be focusing on sustainable and efficient route planning with Greenplan. In accordance with the dynamic route planning model, the algorithm analyses traffic flow speeds at different times of the day. Greenplan allows companies to plan their routes much more precisely than conventional solutions working with buffer times or based on maximum journey times. An additional concept is the planning of routes in overlapping districts. Greenplan is thus able to create an optimal combination for those who rely on a clear division of delivery destinations, such as by postcode area, in their order distribution but still require a certain degree of flexibility. The concept makes use of overlaps with neighbouring districts. Deliveries within this overlap area can be assigned to either one area or another. This allows capacities to be split across multiple areas, ensuring that delivery vehicles are optimally used and the duration of routes is balanced out. This helps to save on costs and vehicles, leading to lower CO2 emissions and less stress for drivers.

Cloud-based shipping logistics and needs-based personnel planning

Additional products that will be on show at LogiMAT include the multi-carrier shipping software ISS (International Shipping System) in combination with CnB (Contract and Billing) and WFM (workforce management system) to support the needs-based planning of personnel resources. Live presentations on these and other logistics issues will be taking place several times a day at stand A71 in hall 8.