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Smart logistics technologies for Dubai.

Mobile technologies for the warehouse, pick-by-voice and pick-by-vision, automation solutions, and more: in order to provide customers in the Gulf region with state-of-the-art logistics solutions at all times, Ehrhardt + Partner Group (EPG) have expanded their Logistics Solutions Center (LSC) in Dubai and added innovative logistics technologies. From the latest automation solutions, to applications that run as apps on smart devices, all the way to the Lydia® Voice Suite for the picking process: adapted to current market requirements and to the trend toward digitization currently happening in the Middle East, all of E+P’s technologies have now been made available across two floors for testing and staff training purposes. EPG with their training and logistics center was the first business in the Dubai Logistics City more than ten years ago, and since then has been able to welcome 6,000 visitors at the LSC. To this day, their offering remains unique in the region.

E+P’s Middle East Logistics Solution Center.

Dubai Logistics City emerged over ten years ago, right in the middle of the desert. Today, the area has evolved into a multimodal, free trade area covering 25 km² (approx. 9.6 square miles) in close proximity to airports and container ports. Back then, Ehrhardt + Partner Group with their EPS (Ehrhardt + Partner Solutions) subsidiary was the first business in Dubai Logistics City. Today, E+P have established their reputation in the United Arab Emirates, including with their LSC that spans 1,500 m² (approx. 16,000 sq. ft.). Back then, the showroom was set up with the goal of introducing quality standards to the Emirates, and to establish the latest logistics technologies in the Gulf region. Nothing has changed in this respect. “With our Logistics Solution Center in Dubai, we are able to meet our clients’ current needs at all times while being able to open up new perspectives for businesses in the region as to how they might continue to evolve their logistics operations,” Marco Ehrhardt explains, Managing Partner of Ehrhardt + Partner Group. “It is this reason that makes it necessary and appropriate for us to keep developing our technologies, so that we may present current market trends and their effects on warehousing right here in a showroom.”


Lydia® Voice Suite and new hardware offerings

At the core of the LSC’s redesign are the state-of-the-art Bito bin solutions as well as topsystem’s Lydia® Voice Suite. “Voice-controlled and visualized solutions are gaining in popularity all across the Emirates,” Marco Ehrhardt explains. “This is because using pick-by-voice or pick-by-vision saves a significant amount of time and effort while ensuring a high quality of the picking process. Integrating the Lydia® Voice Suite into the LSC has allowed us to point out very specific opportunities for development, so that Middle East-based businesses maintain their competitive edge.” The Lydia® Voice Suite can be used regardless of the hardware employed. This is why the LSC now also includes the full range of mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, as well as visual assistance devices such as smart watches and smartglasses. Lydia® Voice Wear®, topsystem’s picking vest, is also available for testing at the LSC. In addition, the software can be used regardless of speaker, meaning that staff are able to get started without having to spend time on creating a voice profile.


The LSC allows for every process out in the field to be modeled, tested, and immediately applied in order to optimize a company’s logistics processes. In addition to this high-quality education and training offer for logistics professionals in the Gulf region, customers also benefit from the service and support offering provided by on-site EPS experts.