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LFS.wms for the Galliker Logistics Academy.

Galliker Transport AG is based in Altishofen, Switzerland, and has logistics centers throughout Europe, where more than 250 specialists use the LFS.wms warehouse management system from Ehrhardt + Partner (E+P) every day. Galliker has launched the Logistics Academy to provide employees with training for all the functions of the modern logistics solution. E+P is providing the innovative family business with the educational program for the Academy. The package has a full version of LFS.wms running on a private cloud hosting solution. Training is therefore under real conditions – but disconnected from business operations. The aim of the Galliker Logistics Academy, as well as providing employees with hands-on training, is to test new processes and technologies on a running system. 

Invest for the future.

LFS.wms has been an integral part of the process flows of the transport and logistics company for more than 20 years. Galliker is looking to the future with the Logistics Academy: "Our employees are a key factor in the success of our business. Investing in further training is essential for growth in the future", says Thomas Ettlin, Head of the Galliker Logistics Academy. "We can use the full version of LFS.wms to train our employees hands-on with practical experience and for various aspects of logistics. At the same time, we can test new processes in real-world conditions, carry to out optimization and exploit potential for further growth – all without interfering with day-to-day business."


Galliker is preparing for the future with an eye on current developments on the logistics market and on digitization, networking and logistics 4.0. "Particularly on the very competitive market for logistics service providers, it is important to constantly question process efficiency and to continue developing to remain competitive," says Thomas Ettlin. "We want to drive efficiency and competitiveness forward with the Logistics Academy."


The private cloud hosting solution for LFS.wms gives Galliker a secure working environment for training and development. An e-learning platform provides the training documents as well. The Academy can offer other qualifications as well. And the E+P team will be providing constant support for trainers.