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Gartner Reports
The three warehouse workers benefit from the Lydia Voice Integration
Integration Options Integration Options

Lydia® Voice offers multiple interface options for successful voice picking integration.

Lydia® Voice has already been integrated successfully with a wide-range of WMS and ERP solutions. No other vendor offers as many integration options for SAP.

Quickly integrate Lydia® Voice with your WMS

  • Lydia Telegram Client
  • Lydia HTTP Connector/ Web Services
  • Lydia.NET Assembly
  • Lydia Connector for VT Emulation
  • Lydia Connector for SAP
  • Lydia Connector for SAP with RFC-Gateway
  • Lydia Direct Interface to Manhattan WMS
  • Lydia Direct Interface to JDA WMS
  • Lydia PickManager Middleware
Lydia® Voice Integration for SAP eWM and WM Learn more


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