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Gartner Reports
The picture shows five warehouse workers which are working with the voice devices
Device Independence Device Independence

Select voice devices that suit you with Lydia® Voice.

Voice Device independence with Lydia® Voice is a cornerstone of our approach. EPG provides you the freedom and flexibility to determine what device platform and overall voice infrastructure you want to operate. Aside from our own Voxter hardware series, over 50 devices from various manufacturers have already been tested for use with Lydia® Voice, including the leading Android devices from Zebra, Honeywell, and Datalogic.  Lydia® Voice supports Android devices running Android 5 to Android 8, as well as Windows CE6 and EC7. The choice is yours.

The Lydia® hardware offering.

A perfect fit for all your needs.

The picture shows the Voxter Elite Edition.

Reliability when and where it matters

Your perfect companion: When it comes to voice-controlled processes in logistics, production, or maintenance operations, the Voxter® Elite Edition offers the optimum solution. This mobile voice computer stands out not only because of its solid housing and small size, but also because it is very comfortable to wear. And the device’s inner workings are just as impressive: the latest generation of this voice computer offers the highest performance yet. The Voxter® Elite Edition’s voice recognition technology works even under extreme conditions of up to -30°C (-22°F) and, with a battery life of 14 hours, proves a reliable partner for your everyday operations.

The picture shows the Voxter Barcodescanner

Scanning made easy

The Voxter® Scan Elite Edition is the perfect addition to your voice-controlled processes. Be it best-before dates, or batch or serial numbers: this mobile scanner reliably captures any necessary additional data during the picking process. To achieve this, the scanner features an auto-trigger function that is unique of its kind. This means that the scanning process is automatically triggered close to the barcode – without staff members having to intervene manually, leaving both hands free to ensure smooth operation. The Voxter® Scan Elite Edition can easily be connected to a mobile or stationary device by means of Bluetooth. Light as a feather yet extremely compact in design, it can be worn on the back of the hand or using a special belt holder.

The picture shows the voice Picking headsets of topsystem.

Designed for the most demanding of tasks

Perfectly adapted to your needs, designed in accordance with the highest levels of quality, and “Made in Germany” technology: meet the Lydia® headsets. In addition to a well engineered voice recognition software, the capacity of the hardware used plays a vital role in voice-controlled processes. The Lydia® headsets are available in several versions: with cable or wireless, optimized for loud or quiet working conditions, and suitable to be worn with additional headwear. Specifically tailored to the use with voice recognition systems, these headsets perfectly support the demands placed on pick-by-voice. Background noise is filtered out, allowing voice commands to be issued with great clarity: for a maximum in processing efficiency and optimum results.