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Ice-cold efficiency with LFS.wms.

From its site in Möhlin (Switzerland), Frigosuisse AG provides its customers with a full service package, delivering end-to-end temperature-controlled logistics processing for food - from goods receipt to picking and fulfillment. Frigosuisse uses the LFS.wms warehouse management system from the Ehrhardt + Partner Group (EPG) to map its complex process workflows in the warehouse. The software solution not only provides smart control of all manual and automated areas of storage, but is also easily connected to the existing IT environment. LFS.wms can meet specific customer requirements as well, such as multi-level cross-docking, reseller processing and special weight handling. 

Warehouse management system for Frigosuisse.

Frigosuisse AG supplies the whole of Switzerland with refrigerated and frozen products from its site in Möhlin. The company provides temperature-controlled logistics services in automated high-bay warehouses with stacks of more than 30,000 pallets filled with baked goods, ice cream, meat, vegetables, seafood and other products - at a constant ice-cold temperature of –26° C. The company aims to be a one-stop shop for its customers. Whether a small butcher's shop or a large corporation, Frigosuisse manages all the logistics from goods customs clearance to shipping whole pallets and single boxes. The solution used by the company was no longer able to manage the large number of different customers or the complexity of the logistical processes. The refrigerated logistics provider therefore decided to introduce the LFS.wms warehouse management system from EPG.


LFS.wms provides smart control of all the manual and automated areas of storage at Frigosuisse, including two automated high-bay warehouses with integrated passageways for picking. The goods are directed straight from the high-bay warehouse to the sorting facility by a conveyor. The sorting system then scans the barcodes to assign the boxes to the right customers, using the order data saved in LFS.wms. A particular challenge was the large number of specific customer processes that had to be mapped by LFS.wms. The specific processes range from multi-level cross-docking through reseller processing and special weight handling to recording, managing and determining the net, tare and gross weight of boxes. Thanks to integrated temperature zone management, LFS.wms also ensures that the refrigeration chain is unbroken. Batch combination of orders to create picking waves is another benefit. This allows Frigosuisse to increase efficiency by around five to ten percent when planning picking. LFS.wms can also communicate with the customs software, tour management system and accounting program used by Frigosuisse already. As Frigosuisse is also a transport provider, ASTAG GU – a Swiss table of tariffs and distances for calculating freight costs – also had to be integrated into LFS.wms.


Now it has started to use LFS.wms, Frigosuisse AG can forge ahead with its customers and meet the growing challenges faced by the food industry. As a company, it believes that complying with food regulations is very important and it works with customers to implement them correctly. Being able to track goods is therefore essential and necessary at all times. As specific customer requirements are a major consideration for Frigosuisse, the high degree of customization offered by the software is also very attractive, as it allows the refrigeration logistics provider to offer each customer a tailor-made solution.