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Gartner Reports

Experience LYDIA™ Voice on the iPhone

Simple, intuitive and accessible to all – the LYDIA™ Voice demo app is now available for the iOS operating system. This means that professionals in the logistics industry now also have the opportunity to get to know the pick-by-voice solution developed by the Ehrhardt Partner Group (EPG) on the Apple iPhone. LYDIA™ Voice offers a top-quality voice recognition system. It enables employees to work by voice control with the freedom of their hands and vision. This allows them to concentrate on essential tasks, work faster and more ergonomically, and to also make fewer mistakes. The overall result is a significant optimisation in process quality. Those interested in the product now have the option to experience first-hand the quality and performance that the voice solution has to offer, along with its user-friendly design. The LYDIA™ Voice demo app is now available to download for free in the Apple App Store.

Demo app now available in App Store

Pick-by-voice is an essential component of process digitalisation in logistics and industry. LYDIA Voice fulfils the highest requirements in terms of process quality and efficiency in the logistics chain. EPG's smart voice application can be easily integrated into existing IT infrastructures. And now iPhone users can also try out the pick-by-voice technology. The demo app of the leading provider of voice-assisted logistics systems is now available to download for free in the Apple App Store. In the app, users are led through an order picking process comprising the usual process steps – from order commencement to confirmation of the storage location and the product being picked from the shelf. The entire process is voice-controlled.

Users are able to experience the complete range of functions of the voice-only principle, as not only the process is fully controlled by voice command but also the voice terminal. For example, users can adjust the volume and speed of commands through service instructions. The intelligent software makes it easy for users to enter the world of voice-assisted systems. The demo allows users to experience the reliability of pick-by-voice processes and to discover the additional benefits of LYDIA Voice. The system is intuitive to use, does not require any complex training and is proven to increase productivity in order picking. 

The demo app is available in several languages and is compatible with Apple iPhones running iOS 13 or higher. In addition to the iOS demo, the latest version of the app continues to be available for Android devices in the Google Play Store.

The iOS version can be downloaded in the Apple App Store by searching for “Lydia Voice”.