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Gartner Reports

EPG has a new all-in-one app for workflows and digital documentation

A central and key component of Logistics 4.0 is the digitalization of processes, which means no longer working on paper. The EPG | ONE mobile application from EPG (the Ehrhardt Partner Group) is an all-in-one solution that provides digital, centralized and comprehensive documentation of a wide variety of workflows and processes in many different fields. It is used in logistics for incoming goods inspection, quality control and loading, as well as for service and inspection, and for outgoing goods. The app is intuitive to use and highly customizable. Internal documentation processes, checklists and work orders can be prepared, managed and used without having to resort to paper printouts and lists.

EPG | ONE digitalizes process and workflow documentation

Logistics operators – whether for warehouse logistics, transport management, air freight or rail transport – deal with a lot of documentation processes on a daily basis, from incoming goods inspection, loading and shipping to vehicle inspections and service. These processes often still involved paper-based checklists for completing inspections and checks. This manual approach is time-consuming and has high rates of error from typing and mistakes. Employees also have to go through a lengthy process to meet documentation requirements, such as for incoming goods inspection. Transport damage and damage to goods has to be documented on accompanying documents, which are signed, registered, scanned, filed, emailed and archived. The work steps end up being time-consuming and have a negative impact on the efficiency of logistics operators.

Digitalization has arrived for process and workflow documentation

"Companies that are going increasingly digital are laying the foundations for process automation that is as comprehensive as possible, which significantly reduces sources of error and creates transparency across all process steps. The key to this is working paper-free – because paper lists and handling them manually are barriers in every logistics process," explains Gerold Schmidt, Managing Director of icotec (a member of EPG). The high-performance EPG ONE app is the solution when it comes to digitalizing manual processes in a wide range of industries and sectors. The app clearly present all documentation processes Users can prepare each job or process intuitively and easily themselves. as EPG | ONE has templates and building blocks to create checklists and workflows at any level of detail. Photos can also be integrated into the digital documentation process. If defects or damage are found during checks, they can be recorded, photographed, signed and sent to the responsible person by email within a few seconds. All the documentation can also be exported for other use and saved locally. 

EPG | ONE is the mobile interface to EPG's Supply Chain Execution Suite and can be easily linked up, e.g., to the EPG | LFS warehouse management system, the EPG | TMS tour management system and the EPG | DOCK dock management system. Any third-party systems, such as ERP solutions and TMS systems, can also be connected, so that users can provide data to EPG ONE directly from their existing systems for documentation processes, including from outside logistics. The app has features and offers great potential via its digital checklists in areas such as service and inspection as well, for example.  The app works online and offline.

Check by Voice - Hands free/eyes free

The demand for flexible and efficient solutions is becoming ever greater in the dynamic market environment of logistics. Intralogistics processes have to get faster and faster - while at the same time becoming more transparent and agile. In combination with the smart voice assistant Lydia® Voice, digital process and workflow documentation can soon be made even more efficient. The EPG | ONE app will be compatible with Lydia® Voice, enabling orders, checks, protocols, and checklists to be operated using intuitive voice control. Hand movements to use the mobile device are eliminated, so employees have both hands free and can concentrate fully on the work process.

The app is available on Android and iOS. More information about the EPG One app is available at: