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Gartner Reports

Ehrhardt Partner Group to present the EPG ONE supply chain execution suite

Complex supply chains and rising demands require holistic, intelligently connected systems to manage and optimise logistics processes across the entire supply chain. Ehrhardt Partner Group (EPG) develops digital and automated supply chain solutions. The logistics specialist pursues a holistic approach and is now bundling its smart logistics solutions in an all-in-one software platform. The company will be attending the LogiMAT trade fair in Stuttgart from 31 May to 2 June 2022, where it will showcase the EPG ONE™ supply chain execution suite – its all-in-one solution for managing all logistics processes within the supply chain. The products in the suite cover all logistics processes, including warehouse management, material flow control, workforce management, contract and invoicing management (including carrier tendering), dock and yard management, dispatch, route and transportation management, and proof of delivery (POD).

EPG at LogiMAT 2022

EPG is positioning itself as a full-service provider for supply chain software solutions at this year’s LogiMAT trade fair. The EPG ONE™ suite enables companies to manage their entire logistics processes centrally via a software platform, leading to greater efficiency, sustainability and cost-efficiency. The suite features a variety of solutions that can either be combined or used on a stand-alone basis. Customers are free to configure the software packages based on their needs. 

The suite also marks the next step in the evolution of EPG’s supply chain software. The all-in-one solution connects operational processes in intralogistics and transport logistics, while also monitoring and managing all administrative processes relating to processing, planning and invoicing

The new Transportation Management System (TMS) manages the entire transportation process – from optimal route planning and route calculation to delivery. The centrepiece of the software is a sophisticated AI engine that determines the best route in a matter of seconds and then optimises it in real time. Adopting the innovative “collaborative routing” approach, the TMS offers especially smart and efficient route optimisation. With the aid of real-time traffic data, an individual route is planned for each user to ensure they are able to precisely meet the estimated time of arrival (ETA). In keeping with the “swarm intelligence” principle, the solution can generate routing models that take into account a whole lot more than just “the shortest route possible”, and thus can actively help users steer clear of traffic jams. More information will be available at EPG’s stand, A71, in Hall 8. 

Logistics is a bit like clockwork: To ensure goods reach the transportation stage as quickly as possible, warehouse processes need to be running in perfect harmony. And that’s where EPG’s smart Workforce Management System (WFM) comes in. It facilitates needs-based, flexible workforce management. The system provides information on how high workloads are, whether staff are being optimally deployed based on their skill sets, and the work-time agreements with employees. 

In addition, there’s also the digital Contract and Billing (CnB) solution. The software records all services relating to logistics processes within the supply chain (in the warehouse, on the road, on railway tracks, on water and in the air) and completes the entire billing process while taking into account the contracts that have been concluded. The automated billing functionality offered by CnB helps to permanently increase profitability as all services provided are seamlessly recorded and calculated

In step with this approach of connecting individual systems within the supply chain, the EPG CONSULTING unit is also increasingly focusing on digital solutions. With its consulting suite, EPG CONSULTING is offering the first online optimisation platform for logistics. This gives customers the opportunity to optimise their logistics processes independently. The web interface gives users access to a range of apps, such as shopping cart analysis, inventory optimisation with the aid of an inventory health check, and heat map analysis. 

EPG will also be presenting additional products from the EPG ONE™ suite on individual “topic islands” at Booth A71 in Hall 8, giving LogiMAT visitors an opportunity to engage in insightful discussions with the company’s experts.