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Boppard-based software expert aiming for a headcount of 600 employees.

The Ehrhardt + Partner Group (EPG) with its headquarters in Boppard-Buchholz has been constantly growing over the last years. This is no surprise, given the fact that the national and international logistics industry is also a continuously growing economic sector. Just in 2017, the company specializing in logistics software invested in the site in the industrial zone Hellerwald with a new building. This year, the subject of employee recruiting is at the very top of the EPG agenda. The self-defined objective is “Go to 600” – the Boppard-based company wants to hire about 100 new employees in 2019, including project managers, consultants and programmers.

Ehrhardt + Partner Group accelerating growth.

EPG places its main recruiting emphasis on the region of Koblenz. Still, new employees are wanted not only for the headquarters in Boppard-Buchholz, but also for other German sites in Hamburg, Alzenau and Würselen. And the search for employees goes even further than that: EPG also wants to hire new employees on an international level: for example at the sites in the USA, the Czech Republic, Dubai or Poland. “We have a very proactive approach with new and innovative ideas for recruiting new employees, and are particularly active in the field of active sourcing,” explains Markus Gierse, HR manager of EPG. The term ‘active sourcing’ refers to all the measures for identifying promising employees on the external labor market where the company actively tries to get into personal contact with potential applicants and employees, and tries to build a lasting relationship with them. The objective is to bind the applicants by means of personal contact until they can be recruited.


What makes EPG an attractive employer for potential employees?

The Ehrhardt + Partner Group has the character of a family-owned medium-sized company but provides its employees with services and benefits of a large corporate group. “For example, we have a gym with fitness programs, and regularly organize employee events such as bowling or poker,” says Mr. Gierse. Employees also benefit from flexible working hours and a good work-life balance, as well as from the opportunity of home working. On top of that, EPG provides excellent development prospects, various career paths, and the chance to work at the new sites abroad. “We also stand for sustainability and security; our company has been acting successfully and innovatively on the market since 1987,” continues Markus Gierse. “At EPG, innovation is not just a catchword.” The development of the holodeck last year is proof of that. The holodeck is a “virtual reality cave” where a virtual space is created by projecting content onto four walls and a table. This virtual space can be used to realistically display various scenarios.


EPG stands up for the next generation

At the LFS.academy, the innovative training and logistics center of EPG, top trainers and experts deliver highly-specialized learning content on the subject of logistics. Engaging and authentic: from practice for practice. In addition to various training professions such as IT specialist or media designer, the software company also offers jobs for students/apprentices of a dual study program. Those who want to start by just dipping a toe into the waters of logistics have the possibility of doing an internship at EPG. “We are happy about every applicant who wants to become part of EPG,” says Markus Gierse.


Visit www.epg-jobs.com for further information and contact details.