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EPG | dock optimizes traffic at freight terminal.

Evenly distributing utilization of loading ramps, smoothing out peak times and providing a transparent overview of current inbound and outbound deliveries, intelligent dock management with EPG | dock from EPG gives you a solution to plan and control freight management much more efficiently. Alongside the ability to assign trucks to gate and parking spaces, create reports and communicate directly with the driver, LFS.dock also has a direct connection to the LFS warehouse management system, so that all logistics processes can be kept perfectly in sync. This avoids expensive standstills and congestion at the freight terminal preventively and means that orders are processed quickly. EPG | dock has an integrated web portal as well, where freight forwarders can actively book time windows online. The goal in the future is to automate all dock management planning with EPG | dock.

Dock management with integrated web portal.

Delays, long waiting times and lack of capacity at freight terminals can be expensive. Dock management for inbound and outbound traffic is therefore essential to avoid weaknesses in the supply chain. Combined with the LFS warehouse management system, warehouse operators get all the functions they need to manage intralogistics and freight terminals efficiently, in a single application. Thanks to direct interaction between LFS and EPG | dock, orders can be processed just-in-time and made available on schedule for transport. It is also possible, for example, to arrange the time windows depending on the specifications of the goods. For trucks delivering hazardous or frozen goods, for example, the integrated time window management system can direct the freight forwarder to the right gate with the right storage area in advance, ensuring that sensitive items are put away quickly. EPG | dock accurately coordinates all processes at the loading ramps and ensures that information is exchanged without friction between the parties involved and the intralogistics department. In addition to time window management, EPG | dock also runs a capacity check for available gates and parking spaces. Warehouse operators not only benefit from short lead times and lower process costs, they also get greater transparency and better planning of incoming and outgoing traffic.


Web portal for digital time window planning

EPG has integrated a web portal into EPG | dock to expand its dock management system into a cloud-based solution that allows freight forwarders to book time windows themselves and so your company can meet the demand for even greater transparency in the supply chain. Your benefit: Freight forwarders benefit from increased planning reliability, because they can check the availability of time windows online themselves, thereby avoiding expensive standstills from the start. On the other hand, the warehouse operator gets increased transparency at a glance for the time windows that have actually been booked. The web portal communicates directly with EPG | dock, so that booked slots are taken into account e.g. in gate planning and in interaction with LFS.