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Digital process documentation with Checklist and Inspection
Checklist and Inspection Checklist and Inspection

EPG ONE™ Checklist and Inspection:
The app for workflows and digital process documentation

Are you worn down by manual logistics processes and overwhelmed by piles of checklists and process documentation? Then it is time to move on. Because the future of logistics is paper-free. EPG's Checklist and Inspection is a mobile workflow task system that lets you digitalise all your workflows and documentation processes. It not only saves you time, but increases the accuracy of the data you record and reduces costs as well! Checklist and Inspection is intuitive to use and highly customisable – users can create, prepare and manage internal processes themselves in no time, without having to rely on external resources.

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EPG ONE™ Checklist and Inspection

Complete solution for digital documentation

EPG's Checklist and Inspection comes with powerful features, so that you can handle all your documentation processes transparently and digitally, step by step.

The flow of goods under ideal conditions is essential for efficient logistics and an absolute must for comprehensive quality management. Ultimately, you have to make sure that goods are actually delivered as specified – with all their specific features and attributes. Incoming goods inspection is therefore a key part of warehousing and logistics, which is carried out manually and on paper at a lot of businesses. Checklist and Inspection digitalises this process step, using digital checklists to carry out a thorough inspection of the transported goods and document any damage, missing parts, and so on. The "Transport damage" item in the app immediately forwards the recorded damage to the relevant supplier by e-mail. Digital processes for incoming goods inspection save time and resources in logistics and prevent errors right from the start. Documentation can also be saved centrally as a ZIP file.

Before goods are shipped, they complete an outgoing goods inspection. Missing or incorrect items, defective packaging and obvious damage to products must be identified and documented. Checklist and Inspection comes with a digital checklist for this process. Any issues can be recorded by photo and saved on the system.

Technical systems, devices, components and equipment undergo maintenance to make sure that they are always in working condition or are returned to working condition in the event of failure. For technical systems, inspection is part of maintenance. Service involves the measures that are taken to slow down the decrease of the wear reserve for a particular unit. Both service and inspection are usually documented and completed using checklists. Checklist and Inspection does away with the paper and makes sure you get simple and transparent process documentation with digital checklists. As the app works entirely without the internet, it can be used anywhere and everywhere.

Checklist and Inspection is compatible with all the solutions in the EPG software suite and gives you the greatest possible versatility and potential to increase efficiency. For example, you can easily record processes from EPG | DOCK with Checklist and Inspection and send them back to DOCK in real time after editing. Manual intermediate steps are not necessary. Checklist and Inspection is also compatible with other common systems such as SAP – contact us to find out more.

In addition to logistics, Checklist and Inspection can be used absolutely anywhere there are processes that need to be documented, from small traders to ground handling at international airports.

Logistics is part of a very dynamic market environment, where the general conditions are constantly changing. The environment demands maximum flexibility and agility from the solutions you use, as intralogistics processes constantly have to become faster and more flexible, while also delivering maximum cost-effectiveness. Checklist and Inspection is the solution for a logistics environment that demands high performance. By combining the Checklist and Inspection mobile application with the Lydia® Voice assistant, you will soon be able to process orders, checklists and workflows with intuitive voice control. Smooth workflows are the result, as the extra hand movements to use the mobile device are completely eliminated. Focused work also increases productivity and efficiency.

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All the benefits of Checklist and Inspection at a glance.

  • Increased efficiency plus time savings for all processes
  • Paper-free data entry via mobile app
  • Minimised error rate
  • Simple, transparent process documentation
  • App works even without an internet connection
  • Highly customisable due to predefined templates
  • Compatible with software from EPG or third-party software (i.e. SAP)
  • Lydia Voice compatibility - "Check by Voice"
  • Can be used in a range of different industries

From the app store, designed for your logistics processes

EPG's Checklist and Inspection is the solution when it comes to digitalising manual processes. It is a high-performance solution that can be used in almost every industry and at almost every stage of a process. From ground handling at the airport through incoming goods inspection at a warehouse to vehicle inspection at the garage – Checklist and Inspection is the solution every time. The app clearly presents all documentation processes and users can prepare each job or process intuitively and easily themselves, as Checklist and Inspection has templates and building blocks to create checklists and workflows at any level of detail. For example, you can integrate mandatory fields, target/actual comparisons and various different response scales to reduce the error rate significantly. You can also add photos to your digital documentation process.


Give your employees the ability to improve their efficiency and save yourself from the horrors of error-prone paper checklists. Checklist and Inspection is the mobile interface to EPG's comprehensive solution and can be easily connected to SAP. This means you can pull the data and orders for documentation processes in Checklist and Inspection directly from your existing systems, including from outside logistics, giving you real-time insight into ongoing processes. The workflow task system is available to download in all app stores.

Would you like to find out more about our solution? Get in contact with us!
Learn more about our solution.

The app for workflow and process documentation