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Virtual reality warehouse planning Virtual reality warehouse planning

Warehouse Planning 4.0 –
the virtual reality tour of your warehouse.

We bring your warehouse to life – even before construction starts. Right at the logistics planning stage, we use virtual reality software to actively involve you in the design of your logistics processes and to incorporate actual material flow data into a virtual warehouse tour. By identifying bottlenecks early on, we can implement cost savings and avoid mistakes in the planning phase. Our 3D visualization system improves planning reliability and delivers efficient process workflows. You too can benefit from Logistics Planning with Ehrhardt + Partner Consulting. Let us help you plan your logistics processes, proactively and accurately.

EPG HOLODECK - Next level of logistics.

Simulation, emulation and visualization of logistics processes. Without using VR glasses!

Experience our HOLODECK live
Virtual Reality.

3D warehouse visualization for better
long-term planning ability.

Actively involving customers is of particular importance to us, especially when it comes to planning and designing complex in-house logistics concepts. Which is why – with our visualization, simulation, and emulation solutions – we are offering a decisive advantage, including virtual reality software. Get a 360-degree overview: on the basis of actual material flow data we’ll provide you with insight into your logistics planning processes, making sure that you fully understand each process. In collaboration with you, we can make adjustments quickly and easily, e.g. to your warehouse layout, which is a crucial aspect of improved long-term planning ability and cost-effectiveness. Our solution can be visualized using our HOLODECK, a Oculus Rift, or similar virtual reality hardware, and it’s easy, straightforward, and results-driven. Why not use these virtual reality visualizations for secondary processes as well: send your models via email, use the display options on your PC or mobile device – and it is even technologically possible to output the results to a 3D printer.

Results achieved in previous warehouse and logistics planning projects.

Warehouse planning and logistics planning.

Areas of application

  • Redesigning/replanning, expanding, retrofitting: Predictive planning with virtual reality identifies bottlenecks and avoids planning mistakes.
  • Optimizing existing logistics systems: Virtual reality can be used to analyze existing systems and identify and implement potential for optimization.
  • As the basis for simulation and emulation: The virtual reality model can be used directly to create and use simulations and system emulations.


  • Increased planning reliability: Using a virtual planning environment, it is possible to plan and adapt functional areas to match actual requirements, for example.
  • Reduced planning effort: Planning is done in a single model, so that inconsistent drawing versions are a thing of the past.
  • Simulation and emulation are also possible, as well as visualization. This ensures that the planned capacity and throughput is actually achieved.


  • Planning tool: Virtual reality planning can be used as the basis for planning and for other applications, such as operational visualization of warehouse logistics at the logistics control center.
  • Virtual warehouse tours: Planning and conducting virtual warehouse tours, which can also be used for new employees or for customers.
  • Training before implementation and familiarization: Can be used to train new employees or to deliver training courses for new areas of the warehouse or new picking processes, for example.
Logistics Planning 4.0.

Improving decision-making processes with virtual reality.

Improving decision-making processes with virtual reality.

  • Reduction in effort and time for planning delivers savings
  • High level of planning reliability by integrating material flow data
  • Training before implementation and familiarization
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