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Individual e-commerce consulting with EPG Consulting

E-Commerce Consulting

Sustainable and future-proof solutions for your e-commerce logistics

E-Commerce Consulting:
Making online retail ready for the future

Have you noticed systems and processes in your logistics landscape are reaching their limits and can no longer keep up with the current growth of online retail? Then e-commerce consulting from EPG CONSULTING is the right way to kick off long-awaited change, with process-optimising solutions. B2C needs different logistics processes than B2B. We support you through implementation of omni-channel logistics. As a neutral partner, we are at your side throughout the project – and along the entire supply chain. From dispatching customer orders to the warehouse to order picking and the shipping process, we give advice based on years of expertise from a range of successful projects and never lose sight of the big picture. Let us work together to take your e-commerce logistics to a whole new level with permanent and future-proof solutions.


Holistic e-commerce optimisation is key to success.

e-commerce is more successful than ever. As of today, there is almost nothing you cannot buy online and more and more offline shops are venturing online. The trend towards online shopping in recent years, not least due to the global coronavirus pandemic, has led to a marked increase in the importance of logistics and shipping service providers.

In a world where a trip to the supermarket is no longer necessary, a purchase is just a few clicks away and same-day delivery has become the standard, it is the pace of e-commerce logistics in particular that is increasing. Agility and flexibility are the keys to meeting more challenging customer expectations.

But the sector often hits its limits, particularly at peak times such as Black Friday and Christmas. Parcel volumes shoot up at lightning speed, while customer expectations are also greater – a difficult combination! Lots of companies have to completely rethink their ways of working and change them very quickly.

With our e-commerce consulting services to support you, no challenge is too big. We make your logistics ready for the online retail of tomorrow and make sure you have an efficient supply chain with the right solutions.

Our logistics consulting for e-commerce includes:

  • Individual e-commerce strategy
  • Shopping basket analysis and location analysis
  • Material flow planning, capacity planning and space planning
  • Inventory optimisation and picking optimisation
  • Optimisation of order processing speed and quality
  • Modern and customer-focussed shipping and delivery concepts
  • Planning and implementation of whole logistics systems
  • Transformation from offline to online retail
Put your logistics processes to the test!

Arrange for your warehouse check-up.


As a true expert in strategic logistics and warehouse planning, we work with you from defining your logistics goals to designing the warehouse.

e-commerce logistics strategy

In the e-commerce sector, there are various business approaches that align with specific customer benefits and resource availability. Our logistics experts support you to identify, assess and define potential logistics strategies and to develop a custom strategy with the very latest approaches for your company.

Warehouse optimisation

We always take a holistic view of your logistics. To achieve Warehouse optimisation, we use the latest methods and tools and analyse which strategy is best for your requirements. Work with us to complete our warehouse check-up, where we put the status quo of your current processes to the test, derive optimisation strategies and support you from implementation to commissioning.

  • Identifying cost drivers based on a comprehensive analysis of your logistics status quo
  • Optimising storage space allocation based on product structure and including storage restrictions, using big data
  • Reducing walking distances via new picking strategies, such as ABC or shopping basket analyses
  • Simulations of all material flows to optimise the warehouse structure and reduce material cycle times

Logistics planning

An excellent logistics strategy first of all needs a planning phase that takes all the criteria into account. EPG CONSULTING provide support through the strategic, tactical and operational phases of Logistics planning. Together we define the long-term conditions and design the processes to achieve your defined goals. If necessary, we also handle coordination and negotiations with suppliers. And we are always manufacturer-independent and neutral. We make sure your company's logistics stay competitive – and you can keep an eye on your costs.


Starting out with e-commerce, many companies have to decide whether to handle logistics service internally or externally. Outsourcing logistics processes is not uncommon in the sector. In fact, it is becoming an integral part of a lot of company strategies to ensure performance and competitiveness. However, success requires a solid set calculations and analyses so that you can select ideal service providers.

Netzwork design

Network design can be a critical factor in the success of day-to-day e-commerce operations. Networks are very different, particularly in terms of quality, where network speed and costs, flexibility, scalability, complexity and transparency are key. Location choices and capacity planning are needed to achieve maximum added value. We help you evaluate, operate and design your network.

Location search

Finding the right property for your internal logistics is often time-consuming and can involve a high level of risk from a lack of knowledge. Using intelligent algorithms and taking into account existing supplier and customer structures and transport infrastructure, we support you to find a location that meets your needs. We work with you through the entire process, from strategic requirements planning and location analysis to signing the contract.

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Questions and answers about e-commerce consulting.

Are there any questions we haven't answered? Here are short answers to our most frequently asked questions. If you need detailed information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

From selecting suitable products for sale to choosing suitable logistics service providers and partners, e-commerce requires all-round expertise. The challenges our customers face in handling a large number of smaller orders combined with high seasonal volatility demand intelligent advance planning for day-to-day business and peak times. Customers expect short delivery periods and a wide range of products that must always be kept in stock. Contact us. We are always happy to help with implementation!

Successful e-commerce thrives on the efficient handling of incoming customer orders. Processes with errors in internal logistics can significantly weaken your competitiveness. Our goal is to optimise the productivity and efficiency of your warehouse logistics processes so that you can process even high order volumes effectively and get them ready for rapid dispatch. Sometimes even small changes within intralogistics are worthwhile to reap high potential savings. By making better use of existing space, you can save on costs while guaranteeing customer satisfaction with targeted measures.

There is often more to your warehouse than you suspect. Companies that have planned their logistics with EPG quickly make significant savings. We help you optimise your logistics workflows and processes, make the next steps visible and therefore achieve greater customer satisfaction. To get an analysis of the potential for optimisation at your company, contact us at any time